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The End to Mobile Internet Standard Chaos

October 5, 2007

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The End to Mobile Internet Standard Chaos makes development and delivery of mobile Web sites easy

RESTON, VIRGINIA -- Oct. 2, 2007 – Netbiscuits is a revolutionary new Web service that brings an end to the chaos in mobile Internet standards. Netbiscuits reduces development and testing time for mobile Web sites to a minimum. Now developers for content owners, service providers, advertisers or web agencies are able to bring their mobile Web sites, ad landing pages and mobile campaigns online within hours instead of weeks – universal delivery in high quality guaranteed. Professional mobile Web applications can be created, adapted and delivered with Netbiscuits easily, conveniently and quickly. With the Netbiscuits web service professionals and even beginners are able to create mobile experiences, including integrating AJAX, Flash, audio, video or advertising.

Before Netbiscuits the development of mobile sites was complex, time consuming and expensive. Too many mobile mark-up languages, thousands of mobile devices and dozens of networks, all different software and hardware requirements made it almost impossible to efficiently develop mobile Web sites in high quality for U.S. and global delivery. Now Netbiscuits puts an end to all the long and costly mobile projects and testing periods. Developers can use innovative self-enabling tools such as the easy-to-use mark-up language called “Biscuit ML”, along with  rendering blocks and widgets to construct mobile Web applications which fit all mobile devices and browsers without the need to separately address the mobile devices problems and standards. IDE plug-ins for Eclipse and Visual Studio, an online Drag & Drop Sitebuilder and a universal mobile media repository for transcoding of any kind of media such as images, logos, wallpapers, audio and video make it easy to deliver to all mobile subscribers.

Netbiscuits also enables mobile enthusiasts to build mobile social network sites or audio and video sites – Web 2.0 now becomes a mobile reality. Another highlight: the mobile applications and campaigns can be instantly tested in a unique mobile device simulator to test the look and feel on all different classes of devices and determine how it will run on current mobile handsets.

Netbiscuits is a Web-based solution. On developers as well as managers and advertisers find all tools they need to create their mobile sites on a developer community platform. Additionally, they can exchange with mobile experts and market their applications online on an application exchange.

“With Netbiscuits, developers get software to create their mobile web sites conveniently and efficiently”, says Michael Neidhoefer, CEO of Dynetic Mobile Solutions, the inventor of Netbiscuits. “Netbiscuits clearly wins over the mobile Internet chaos. Developers and executives can now have confidence that their solutions will work on all mobile devices, in all countries, with all network carriers with the highest quality user experience available in the industry. Now Web applications ranging from simple to highly complex can be created within a few days rather than needing weeks of expensive resources.
The Netbiscuits revolution can also be joined in the Netbiscuits Developer Challenge 2007 which will start soon.

About Netbiscuits

Netbiscuits™ is the first Web-based software service for universal mobile content adaptation, to self-enable, adapt and deliver any content for all mobile and consumer electronic devices and channels with guaranteed success, to exchange with mobile experts and market applications online on a community platform.
The Netbiscuits™ web service gives you control over mobile enabling, regardless of whether you are a professional mobile application developer, a manager whose task is to bring content to mobiles quickly, or an advertiser who wants to run mobile marketing and advertising campaigns.

Already today Netbiscuits™ processes more than 1 billion page impressions generated by more than 200 business customers around the globe. Thousands of mobile developers create customized mobile applications every day. Top content brands such as eBay, AOL, Musicload, Spiegel, WeatherBug, Clipfish, RTL television and freenet utilize the power of Netbiscuits™. The applications built on Netbiscuits™ range from simple mobile advertising landing pages, complex dynamic mobile Web sites, user generated content community services, and audio/video applications to mobile content and software shops.

Netbiscuits™ has been developed and is powered by Dynetic Mobile Solutions, the leading global mobile content transcoding software provider. Dynetic has offices in North America, Europe and Asia and currently has more than 75 employees.