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Dynetic Enhances the eBay Experience for Mobile Users with New Platform

April 17, 2007

Dynetic Enhances the eBay Experience for Mobile Users with New Platform

New eBay mobile application launched in the <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />US and Europe ensures best customer experience on mobile.

KAISERSLAUTERN, GERMANY – March 26, 2007 – Dynetic Mobile Solutions, a mobile platform provider that transforms and optimizes any kind of application for a wide range of devices, today announced that eBay has selected its technology platform to build the new eBay mobile application. The application will be available for download on eBay and on selected carriers across Europe and the US. Vodafone will also pre-load the application on selected handsets.

The client application is based on Dynetic’s emoveo UAP software and provides eBay customers with a rich experience to access eBay, search, browse, fond deals and bid on auctions or purchase fixed price items. The solution is the latest milestone in the collaboration between Dynetic and eBay.

“eBay users want to access eBay all the time. They will never miss the end of an auction.”, says Henri Moissinac, Head of eBay mobile,. “Thanks to Dynetic, we made the eBay mobile application fun and easy to use.”

“We are excited that eBay is using our technology to give customers an improved experience on mobile,” says Michael Neidhoefer, chief executive officer of Dynetic. “This new mobile application complements to mobile WAP portal and SMS alert system Dynetic had already built for eBay.”

The mobile portal, which can be accessed through the phone’s Web browser, has been available since 2003. With Dynetic’s new high-end Java client, the end consumer will experience a clearly structured interface that is easier to navigate and matches the phone’s display size. An “eBay” option will also join the fixed menus of several new mobile handset models. This makes it easier to participate in an auction, search for products or view articles. In addition, the eBay customer will receive real-time alerts when his auction is finished or his offer is outbid. Saved search results can be accessed at a later date without an Internet connection.

Manual testing of new mobile devices will no longer be necessary with Dynetic’s emoveo platform, which automates the software update to a real-time system as opposed to the manual process which was used on a monthly basis.

Dynetic’s eBay mobile Client will be available for users in North America and Europe in April.

Dynetic has been a collaborator in ebay’s mobile strategy since 2003 – for more than ten countries worldwide. The mobile portal is available for users in Belgium, Germany, UK, France, Italy, Austria, Spain, and the USA. Customers in Ireland, Switzerland and Canada will be able to access the client later this year. In 2006, Dynetic also developed a mobile bidding client for eBay via SMS.

Dynetic Mobile Solutions, Inc.
Dynetic is a mobile software provider that offers a unique platform for transforming any kind of mobile content for a wide range of mobile devices. Called emoveo UAP, the platform allows mobile content professionals to develop, operate and manage applications for about 4,000 devices. More than 100 companies already deliver their mobile content using the emoveo platform. Dynetic is based in Kaiserslautern, Germany with a a subsidiary in Herndon, Virgina, and has 45 employees.  www.dynetic.net

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