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Diversification of mobile phone software standards continuing to increase

February 10, 2006

Diversification of mobile phone software standards continuing to increase

Dynetic Mobile Solutions recently completed an analysis of software used on more than 1000 current mobile phone types in 2006.  The results of this analysis showed that the number of different standards to be supported by mobile phones for content delivery is constantly increasing. Since the emergence of the WAP protocol standard in 1999 more than 7 new mobile Internet formats have been introduced to the market such as WML, xHTML MP, Vodafone Partner ML or cHTML. Today more than 16 different major browser products can be found on different phones. Also on the multimedia content front no universal content standard is recognizable. Today’s phones use more than 5 different video standards with approximately 70 different codecs depending on device manufacturer and operating system. The same applies to ringtones and music files with more than 20 different audio standards and hundreds of codecs to be supported.

dynetic's emoveo UAP software suite overcomes these problems by providing a universal mobile media transcoding gateway for any type of content to make the production, management, transcoding and optimized delivery of content easier and more effective for all content owners in the mobile space.

About dynetic
dynetic has created a mobile platform designed to provide the entire mobile business community the technology to transcode any content type to be delivered optimized to any mobile device automatically and on-the-fly. The emoveo UAP™ platform is the only and unmatched complete solution for
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§          brand & content owners

§          publishers

§          application & software developers

§          service providers

§          media & marketing organizations

§          web-site & e-commerce companies

§          and mobile network operators

The platform is used to develop, produce, manage, operate, test, bill, transcode and deliver their mobile content applications optimized across more than 2,500 mobile devices seamlessly and instantaneously.

emoveo UAP™ is connected to more than 40 operators (Vodafone, T-Mobile, Telia, Cingular, Sprint and others) throughout Europe, North America and Asia. It is being used by more than 70 business customers and major brands such as eBay International, T-Mobile International and RTL Television Group who rely on emoveo UAP™ as their only solution to deliver mobile content and applications to more than 20 million consumers every month. emoveo UAP™ improves the quality and richness of mobile content applications and services for the provider and reduce production, development, testing and maintenance costs by more than 70 %.