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Deciphering the Festive Shopping Trends: India’s Festive Wallet Outlook 2023 by Paytm Ads

September 27, 2023

Authored by PaytmAds


The festive season isn't just a time of celebration; it's a battlefield where brands and marketers vie for consumer attention. In this dynamic landscape, decoding consumer behaviour and emerging trends is the secret sauce for crafting impactful campaigns. Backed by an extensive survey commissioned through Redseer Consulting, the Paytm Ads report delves into the nuances of consumer behaviour, emerging trends, and advertising avenues within the festive framework. From mobile payment preferences to spending projections, the report offers insights that can help shape festive marketing strategies.

Mobile Payments: A Paradigm Shift

The report reveals the growing shift towards mobile payments. The report highlights the changing transactional behaviour, with 4 out of 5 consumers opting for mobile payments during festive shopping. This revelation opens doors for direct engagement through payment platforms for advertisers and marketers.

Anticipating Consumer Spending

Approximately 50% of festive shoppers are gearing up to raise their expenditure across diverse categories. This insight allows brands to customize their campaigns and offerings to resonate with heightened festive enthusiasm.

Digital Payment Surge

In the digital transformation era, the surge in Peer 2 Merchant digital payments by a remarkable 120% reflects a societal shift towards digital transactions. This shift isn't just about transactions; it signifies embracing a digital way of life. Marketers can leverage this insight to craft campaigns that resonate with the digital-savvy audience.

UPI/Wallet Dominance

With UPI/Wallet transactions constituting 69% of offline payments, these platforms have transcended being mere transactional tools. They shape consumer preferences and behaviours, making them pivotal touchpoints for marketers. The report foresees UPI/Wallet becoming the primary payment mode across various product categories during the festive season.

Evolving Advertising Platforms

A significant facet of the report is the rise of advertising platforms. The study highlights that emerging advertising platforms contribute 30% to brand and product awareness. Leverage payment platforms for your festive campaigns and tap into emerging channels' allure.

In an ever-shifting marketing terrain, Paytm Ads "India's Festive Wallet Outlook 2023" serves as more than just data – it's a compass for strategic direction. It bridges the gap between understanding consumer dynamics and crafting impactful campaigns.

(Download the report) to decode trends, engage consumers, and create winning festive campaigns.

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