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CBS Partners with GoldPocket Wireless on Mobile Campaign for "Big Brother 6"

January 16, 2006

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GoldPocket Wireless’s mobile technology platform powers second “America’s Choice” vote on Thursday, August 25

Los Angeles, CA  – GoldPocket Wireless, the leader in mobile technologies for entertainment and media companies, is powering a fully integrated mobile campaign for the latest installment of CBS’s hit reality show, “Big Brother.”  Featuring both text messaging-based voting and downloadable wireless applications related to the show, the aptly named “America’s Choice” campaign allows wireless subscribers to participate in events that will, undoubtedly, alter the final outcome of the show…namely who walks home with the $500,000 prize.

The latest America’s Choice vote will be announced by host Julie Chen during the Thursday, August 25 broadcast of “Big Brother” (8:00-9:00 PM ET/PT).  Viewers will be informed of the outcome of the vote on the Tuesday, August 30 episode (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT).

“With the America’s Choice campaign, CBS is breaking new ground in integrating mobile applications into live programming,” said Cyriac Roeding, Vice President of Wireless at CBS Television/Digital Media. “We knew we needed a trusted partner to enable a campaign of this magnitude.  GoldPocket Wireless has both the technology solutions and the distribution channels in place to deliver an exciting and innovative experience for our viewers.”

GoldPocket Wireless provides both the direct connections to the major wireless carriers and the content management platform underlying the campaign. Positioning itself at the forefront of off-deck mobile content distribution, CBS is also utilizing GoldPocket Wireless’s WAP push technology to sell viewers exclusive mobile content tied to the show. Through GoldPocket Wireless’s premium billing integrations with carriers, CBS is able to deliver its viewers a seamless mobile experience; both the $0.49 charge per SMS-based vote and the $1.99 charge for show-related content appear on users’ regular wireless bill.  Consumers are fully informed on air and in the text messages of any charges before and while they use the wireless services.

“CBS is in a unique position to help drive this industry forward,” added Stephen Leonard, President of GoldPocket Wireless, “and we are delighted to be part of their ground-breaking initiative. The America’s Choice campaign makes creative use of the GoldPocket Wireless platform, featuring premium SMS, WAP push content, and carrier billing integration.”

The first America’s Choice vote, announced on the August 4, 2005, episode of “Big Brother,” generated over 500,000 text messages from viewers voting via their wireless phones to bring one of three previously evicted candidates back to the house.  With an overwhelming 82% of the vote, Kaysar was brought back into the house for a short-lived return; he was evicted a second time by a majority of the houseguests the following week.