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September 13, 2006

CBS Network Television Offers Mobile Users Free Downloads of Clips from Its New Fall Line Up via Kameleon Technologies Mobizone® Systems

CBS Network Television offers mobile users free downloads of clips from its new Fall line up via Kameleon Technologies Mobizone® Bluetooth download systems at Billboad locations in Grand Central Station.

This September, commuters using Grand Central Station in New York City will notice something different about the CBS TV billboard campaign announcing the new fall line up of television shows: the offering of free downloads of clips from the various series via mobile Bluetooth connectivity that can be played instantly, saved or passed to friends.

Here’s how it works: Each Billboard invites the mobile user to open his Bluetooth connection and make it discoverable. Then the user is invited to accept a free clip from the particular Show. If he accepts, the clip automatically downloads and plays on the screen of the mobile.

The campaign features multiple locations in Grand Central Station, each featuring downloadable content via MobiZone® from a particular CBS Network television series…

According to George Schweitzer, director of advertising for CBS TV Network, “We felt that the new bluetooth download services offered by Kameleon Technologies’ MobiZone® units would be a great feature to add to our traditional OOH campaign announcing the launch of the new Fall season. We certainly have great content, and telling viewers about it is our job. MobiZone units attached to our OOH billboards is a value-added plus for our OOH media spend, offering people the free opportunity to see our content without incurring a charge from their mobile carrier.”

According to Jodi Senese, VP CBS Outdoor, “We are pleased to be one of the first OOH media groups in the US to offer MobiZone® free download services as an add-on to our OOH systems nationwide. For the media buyer, MobiZone® can leverage the OOH spend in a way that can increase value, etc.

According to <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />Patrick Nagle, CMO for Kameleon, “We are very excited to be working with CBS Television Network and the CBS Outdoor division on this project. Brands and Media companies like CBS can well benefit from MobiZone® applications to OOH media locations, as they have great content that people want to know more about.

Kameleon Technologies is an international mobile technology company based in Paris with offices in Cambridge and New York. MobiZone® is a turn key hardware/software solution that lets mobile users download free brand and media content via Bluetooth. No application is required on the user’s handset.

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