Brands Find Success With Mobile Marketing When Mobile Internet Sites Are Added To Mix, Finds Trilibis Mobile (VSC Consulting) | MMA Global

Brands Find Success With Mobile Marketing When Mobile Internet Sites Are Added To Mix, Finds Trilibis Mobile (VSC Consulting)

May 6, 2007

Brands Find Success With Mobile Marketing When Mobile Internet Sites Are Added To Mix, Finds Trilibis Mobile

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(<?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:smarttags" />SAN FRANCISCO) – May 1, 2007 -- Surf’s up, that’s mobile Web surfing, as Fortune 100 brands looking to reach consumers through mobile marketing are increasingly creating promotional mobile Internet (WAP) sites beyond simple SMS text-messaging campaigns, according to Trilibis Mobile.  This is due in part to increased consumer comfort with accessing mobile Web sites, faster network speeds and improved graphical displays find the report.
Trilibis Mobile, which builds mobile Web sites and destinations for brands, both on- and off-deck, is reporting strong results from brands that add WAP sites to their mobile marketing mix, compared with similar campaigns that relied only on SMS. In the past 18 months building 60 unique campaigns for a variety of brands, spanning music, sports, television and film, the company has identified features that inspire consumers to engage on a larger scale.
Specifically, Trilibis Mobile found that the most popular features (in the order of significance) were:
1. Votes/Polls when:

The poll or vote enables the user to influence the outcome of something he/she is passionate about.

The poll or vote enables the user to compare himself/herself to the overall population with respect to something he/she is passionate about.
It appeals to the user’s ability to be seen as an “expert” in the population.

Blogs led by experts in the field (such as sportswriters). In addition, if users can contribute to blogs wirelessly, the stickiness of the site is enhanced.

Branded storefronts: Branded collections of ringtones, wallpapers, call tones, etc., continue to be popular, especially as the carrier decks continue to grow in size, making the navigation to specific content more difficult.

Informational content (e.g. ) : Most effective if content is valuable when “on the go” and easily navigated.

Trivia: Particularly effective for sports and television shows, where consumers want to test their knowledge on something they’re passionate about.

Working with Sprint in 2006 to develop a mobile-centric promotional campaign for the NASCAR NEXTEL All-Star Challenge, Trilibis created a 200-page mobile portal whose focal point was the Fan Vote, which allowed voters to pick their favorite drivers. As a result of incorporating the voting feature side-by-side with other NASCAR-related content (e.g. news, expert blogs, message boards, premium content downloads and event updates), there was a 500 percent increase in wireless votes from 2005, when voting was done via SMS and not part of an integrated mobile marketing campaign.
Trilibis also noticed a similar trend when the NFL Pro-Bowl Ballot 2006 registered more than 1.95 million WAP-based votes for the AFC and NFC All-Star squads.  This was  a 200-fold increase over the previous year’s 10,000 votes, when voting was offered only via SMS. The NFL Pro-Bowl Ballot 2007 generated even more wireless votes (2.35 million), proving that WAP is a viable medium for promoting brands and interactive content via mobile.  
Nihal Mehta, CEO of Omnicom Group’s mobile agency ipsh! agrees: “The mobile Internet is finally here. Since the turn of this year, we’ve already seen a serious uptake in major Fortune 500 brands dedicating a significant portion of spend to mobile Internet presence driven by mobile media.”
About Trilibis Mobile

Founded in 2002, San Francisco-based Trilibis Mobile is a leading provider of mobile community applications and enabling technologies. With SmartPath™, its patent-pending mobile publishing solution, Trilibis enables content providers, online communities, direct marketers and other mobile service companies to create, deploy, update and manage highly-customizable, cross-platform applications and mobile Internet (WAP) compatible with all major carrier networks and hundreds of mobile handset devices.


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