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Bercut Launches the First VAS in Iraq

June 24, 2008
Bercut Launches the First VAS in Iraq
Korek Telecom has launched RBT-service on the basis of Bercut X-tones which services over 70 million subscribers all over the world.
The launch of the first value added service in Iraq – RBT based on Bercut X-tones – became possible due to the partnership between the content-provider DoubleU and supplier of IT products for VAS infrastructure of mobile and PSTN operators  Bercut. 
The supply and commercial launch of X-tones on the Korek network made a real break-through in the market. During the first month after the launch the service’s penetration was estimated to be 6,5%. Such success in many respects arose from the originality of the business model, chosen by DoubleU content-provider for promotion.
“We were selecting a partner from a range of companies, and after detailed analysis chose Bercut, for several reasons: 19 installations of X-Tones and 70 million serviced subscribers – these figures really speak for themselves; the products meet market demands, with favorable references of the operators that are affiliated to telecommunication holdings, and the high level of the service offered by Bercut,” – Ayman Jomaa, Managing Director of DoubleU, remarks.  “We are sure that the successful launch will open up new opportunities for further mutual cooperation.”
RBT penetration has reached 7-9% in Europe, while in Asia it is estimated in excess of 50%. Germany, France, Korea and Thailand are taking the lead. – “Thanks to the significant level of penetration and high profitability of the service, it has become a VAS business critical application and therefore requires close attention from the point of view of perfection and development throughout its life cycle,” reckons Igor Novikov,     Bercut Chief Business Development Officer. “RBT service, based on Bercut X-tones, contributes to the increase of the yield through the additional promotion features. X-tones potentially allows sending promo-messages among the segmented subscribers base and instant subscription to the service. Eliminating the traditional gap between informing the target audience and action leads to increasing the operators’ revenue, reducing time-to-market and promotion costs.”
According to Bercut forecasts, ring back tones will overtake ring tones in 2010 and will become one of the major sources of revenue for telecom operators in the mobile entertainment segment. That is why Bercut X-tones has a great business potential. The company is planning to actively develop this service, offering new ideas and solutions to the market.