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Audience Monetization

July 2, 2013

Data Platform Audience Monetization: Why it Fails

Undoubtedly, the online business development strategy, which presupposes the sequence: “increase of users/followers – audience monetization – growth of profits”, has become rather popular these days. Much due to having been initially chosen by large players on the market, e.g. Pinterest or Foursquare, this direction couldn’t but become a worthwhile example to follow by numerous web start-ups. However, the staple “audience monetization” happens to be a much more complicated aspect, than a lot of likewise experienced business owners and the mere beginners consider it to be.


Betrayal of Users’ Trust

One of the core reasons, why web data platforms can fail in monetizing their audience, that is, earn from it, is related to the essential difference between the so to say friendly relations with users, you’re generally building up at the starting point, and the commercial ones. The latter case, frequently associated with the monetization aspect, is easily treated as the sort of “betrayal of trust” by your loyal followers, especially if they’ve previously contributed content to your web service (pics, photos, texts, etc.). Some of your most devoted fans may just think: “The company wants to earn, and what is offensive, to earn on my expense. Why should I put up with it?”


False Targeting

Undoubtedly, even if the particular data platform appears to drive a lot of traffic on a permanent basis, this doesn’t mean that it can be monetized effortlessly, with false targeting being one of the key negative factors, in this respect. For what it’s worth, the belief that ad display will inevitably lead to users’ positive reaction/ feedback and purchase, is absolutely wrong, if you target the false audience niche. Not only some people ignore the unrelated ads, no matter how bright they seem to be, but can even get irritated. “Why am I shown this disturbing advertisement? I don’t need any of the products to buy”, that’s what their thoughts might be.


Is there a Way Out?

Despite the frequent hurdles, regarding your audience monetization, it’s still possible to succeed, of course, if you opt for a complex approach to take. In addition to launching campaigns, related to the content of the page with this or that ad placement, there’s a good chance to benefit from precise targeting options, so that only the potential clients/buyers will browse a particular banner, not just a random data platform user. After all, it’s the respect towards your clients, which breeds the positive feedback, and relatively, drives your revenue.