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AirG Releases Community Patrol Monitoring Software and Services (AirG)

June 13, 2006

AirG Releases Community Patrol Monitoring Software and Services

Community Patrol Monitoring Toolset Promotes User Safety on Social Networking Sites

LAS VEGAS, Nev – April 5, 2006 – AirG, the global leader in powering mobile communities and wireless social networking, today from CTIA Wireless announced the commercial release of Community Patrol, a turnkey software toolset that filters and monitors user generated content in social networking products.  Community Patrol comes bundled with every AirG community product and is now available for licensing by mobile operators, community software vendors, and online social networking companies seeking entry into the mobile space.  Community Patrol is available on a per seat software license, or as a service, giving customers the option of having AirG fully host and monitor their community as a managed solution.

Community Patrol is a content clearinghouse for user generated content in wireless social networking products that has been built to comply with international monitoring regulations, including the ACMA (Australian Communications & Media Authority) in Australia,  ICSTIS (Independent Committee for the Supervision of Standards of Telephone Information Services) in the UK, and regulations in the US and Canada.  Some of the key features and intelligent capabilities of Community Patrol include:<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

·        Software that automatically filters all user generated content pre-publication, including contact details and profanity.

·        Monitoring tools that can be used by live human monitors as a secondary filter for all content (pre-publication or post-publication), including contact details, profanity, and all profile photos.

·        A programmable ban from service component that automatically bans offending users from the service and enables human monitors to impose a manual ban, on a username or handset level.

AirG is also offering mobile operators and social networking sites the opportunity to benefit from the company’s extensive community monitoring experience by providing Community Patrol as a hosted service.  In conjunction with the benefits of the Community Patrol software, hosted clients will have their site monitored by a live, 24x7 community monitoring center staffed by multilingual human monitors who undergo rigorous background and criminal record checks, and are fully trained in monitoring all messages exchanged in the community for potentially inappropriate content.

"We are committed to protecting the safety of our community users, as evidenced by the millions of dollars we have invested in our monitoring toolset and human monitoring service,” said Frederick Ghahramani, director, AirG.  “Community Patrol is now available to all members of the social networking value chain as we feel that consumer safety is of paramount importance to the viability of this industry.”

Community Patrol is a robust software solution that is fully scaleable to the size of any community.  AirG’s social networking products currently have over seven million users spanning 85 networks globally, including large Tier 1 carriers such as Cingular and Sprint Nextel.  AirG uses its Community Patrol software in all of its community deployments and the very same software is now available to other vendors with similar safety concerns.  Community Patrol currently supports multiple languages including English, French and Spanish, with additional language expansion packs being added throughout the year.

About AirG
AirG powers mobile communities and wireless social networking. The company’s products and services have a proven track record of increasing customer affinity for leading mobile operators and media companies globally including Sprint Nextel, Cingular, Virgin Mobile, Orange, and MTV Asia. AirG’s mobile community has more than seven million registered users worldwide and is available on more than 85 mobile operators. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the company also has offices in the UK and Australia.

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