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MMA IMPACT India 2024

Ready to navigate the new marketing era with AI? . At MMA India Impact 2024, we invite you to explore Marketing in the Age of AI - Inspire, Innovate, Integrate, a theme that transcends the conventional, urging us to reimagine the fabric of marketing strategies through the lens of AI.

This year, we delve into the depths of AI's potential, moving beyond its buzz to uncover real-world applications that redefine consumer engagement, operational efficiency, and creative excellence.

Join us as we navigate the complexities of AI adoption, debunk myths, and highlight the symbiotic relationship between AI and marketing across diverse industries. 

From fireside chats with industry luminaries to in-depth panels and keynotes, with each segment of MMA India Impact 2024  paving the way for innovations that push the boundaries of what's possible whilst deeply and ethically integrating AI 

Commit yourself to a day of learning as you dive into key narratives such as the transition of marketers to media companies; how AI equips marketers to be self-sufficient and deliver in their demanding roles. How marketers are leveraging AI for effective storytelling as they bring brand stories to life. Today we see marketers open and eager to learn and experimenting with AI solutions and tech stacks - all of this directed to driving customer-first performance outcomes.

With measurement, personalisation, customer experience and analytics being key use cases in AI in marketing -  we take an AI- first approach to help address how brands are innovating and experimenting to enable AI powered marketing stacks.

IMPACT 2024 (edition) goes beyond just Marketing in AI as it is committed to driving narratives that encompass the life stages of a marketers AI journey - through ‘Inspire, Integrate and Innovate,’ and hence this is the right time to be more in-touch with your AI in marketing journey. 

Inspire: Expose yourself to being inspired through case studies and thought-provoking discussions. Reimagine what’s possible from the application POV and drive tangible business results.  

InnovateChallenge yourself to going beyond the mundane and ordinary - push boundaries and challenge norms across Gen AI for personalization, data and predictive analytics, and other innovation stacks. 

Integrate: In today's interconnected world, success isn't just about having the latest technology; it's about how effectively you can integrate it into your existing processes and workflows. That's why integration is key. At IMPACT 2024, we're not just talking about AI in isolation – we're showing you how to seamlessly integrate it into every facet of your marketing strategy. Thereby create a unified ecosystem of AI-driven marketing excellence.

5 reasons Why you must attend IMPACT 2024?  

  1. Build on-ground resilience in the way you implement AI in your job role
  1. Immerse yourself in a ecosystem of marketers solving for similar challenges 
  1. Commit yourself to a day of learning through actionable use cases and AI tech stacks 
  1. If you’re early in your AI in marketing journey - understand possible roadblocks and challenges to gear up with better preparedness. 
  1. Explore the ‘how to’ doing AI in marketing with the help of actionable use cases across marketing genres.  

MMA India Impact 2024 is a movement towards a future where marketing and AI converge to create unprecedented value. Be part of this journey as we explore how to transform challenges into opportunities, ensuring your brand not only survives but thrives in the age of AI.

Welcome to the forefront of the marketing revolution. Welcome to MMA India Impact 2024. Register today!


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April 24 - Mumbai | Taj Lands End

May 21 - Delhi | TBD