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- Reach a new market of smartphone and tablet users
- Reduce cost and increase reach
- Increase the quality, quantity and engagement of site traffic

- Designed the mobile site so that users could quickly find what they were looking for, using a responsive format which resizes automatically for each device
- Took advantage of the fact that mobile users were more likely to be serious buyers

Newport Beach Film Festival - Newport Beach, California

Textopoly, Costa Mesa, California

Campaign/program name:
Newport Beach Film Festival Integrated Mobile & Social Media Campaign

March - April 2010

Useful Networks - White Paper

With Participants:
Major US Carrier,
Major Ad Network,
Major Fast Food Restaurant (Brand #1)
And a Major Automotive Company (Brand#2)

Authored By: Useful Networks

Executive Summary – AdWhere™ LBA Trial White Paper

Cellphone keys

Sligo Local Authorities have launched a ‘Text Alert’ facility developed by Púca to enable people to report traffic management problems around the streets of Sligo. The text messages are relayed via the Communications Office to the Authorities’ Traffic Wardens who respond immediately to call to the scene of the alert.

Greystripe, Inc. in conjunction with Grail Research
Yahoo! oneSearch
The purpose of the campaign was threefold:
·          Increase awareness of the Yahoo! oneSearch mobile search portal
·          Increase intention to try the Yahoo! oneSearch product
·          Demonstrate the effectiveness of the Greystripe in-game mobile ad format
The Yahoo! oneSearch campaign was launched in the Greystripe AdWRAP network, featuring full-screen ads in mobile games, up to 240x240 in size.   The advertising leveraged Greystripe’s creative services, which specialize in designing ads for handsets. 
To measure the brand-lift and intention to try, Greystripe and Grail Research designed an innovative mobile survey with the ability to observe control and exposed groups simultaneously. A random selection of U.S. users of ad-supported games in the AdWRAP network were served two ads before game play and then invited to take the survey after game play. The survey was accessed directly from the phone through web pages designed for mobile phones. In the test group, one of the pre-game ads was a Yahoo! oneSearch advertisement.
The survey was designed by Greystripe and Grail Research, with analysis provided by Grail Research. Users were limited to one survey, and recent players of ad-supported mobile games )other than the game used for the test) were excluded to avoid tainted results from previous exposure to oneSearch ads. The survey comprised ten questions, using both unaided and aided recall. 143 respondents completed the survey.
The results of the campaign and mobile survey included:
·          Exposed respondents were significantly more inclined to try the product compared to the control respondents.  The test group showed a relative increase of 18% for those who will “definitely try” and a 10% increase for a combination of those who will “probably” or “definitely” try. 
·          The exposed group clearly remembered the ad, with a jump of 127% recall over the control group. For a well-known brand like Yahoo, which was also running oneSearch ads in other mobile ad networks, the specific recall of where they saw the ad is significant.
·          Among those who recalled seeing the Yahoo! oneSearch advertisement, the message takeaway and recall of individual ad elements were strong, clearly above the control group.
·          Participant self-reporting indicated they were 64% female, and 81% in the 18 to 34 age group.
.mobi Solutions in Action
Presented by dotMobi

“ helped ZAGAT create consistent naming across its digital product line. Most other ways of referencing mobile web sites are long and convoluted like 'Zagat mobile web site' or '' These were not viable options for a product name.”
 – Dan Entin, Senior Product Manager - Internet & Wireless, ZAGAT Survey


Initially started as a hobby in 1979, ZAGAT Survey is now the world's leading provider of consumer survey-based dining, travel and leisure information. From its inception, ZAGAT Survey has remained committed to delivering the best content available for helping consumers decide where to "Eat, Drink, Stay & Play."
This content is especially useful to consumers when they are on the go and relying on their mobile device for information.
To address this consumer need, ZAGAT decided to utilize the .mobi domain and launch a universally accessible, ad-supported mobile web site as a way to make its content available to as many mobile consumers as possible.

Solution allowed ZAGAT to differentiate between its existing "ZAGAT TO GO" mobile software and create a consistent naming across its digital product line.
Also, according to Dan Entin, ZAGAT Survey's Senior Product Manager - Internet & Wireless, other ways of referencing mobile web sites are long and convoluted. Options like "ZAGAT mobile web site" or "" fail to demonstrate "ease of use" for a customer.
Like all .mobi sites, is accessible to and optimized for any web-enabled mobile device. Additionally, with a premium membership to, a consumer can use their same account information to log into and access the premium ZAGAT ratings and reviews.
Results was launched with a PR campaign that was widely covered, including the front cover of USA Today's "Life" section. This was combined with a marketing campaign to the user base. ZAGAT also ran "welcome box" ad on the homepage along with ads throughout the rest of the site.
The response to has been extremely positive, and traffic to has far exceeded ZAGAT's expectations.
PEPSI PHOTOCAN )Aerodeon Turkey)
Brand: PEPSI
Agency:Aerodeon Turkey
GOAL:Pepsi is striving to present the youth with a new approach on life, challenging them to live and enjoy life. Pepsi also wants to transmit the feeling that Pepsi drinkers are special and they deserve special prizes that cannot be given to them by any brand else. Following this strategy, a campaign called Photocan comes into scene which is reflecting fun and excitement of youth to take the best out of life. Pepsi consumers were invited to take place with their photographs on Pepsi cans. The slogan of the campaign was determined as “Take action, make your choice and live youth!” which was challenging the youth to enjoy life, and to use the opportunities.
SOLUTION:Participants are asked to send their photos that represent themselves to short number via MMS. The first 1.000 participants instantly win 10 credits/2.5 minutes airtime. After participants send their photos, these photos are broadcasted and voted on the web site )send your photo, show yourself). The most voted 10 photos broadcasted online on during the campaign. The photos also broadcasted on the giant LED billboard on Taksim Square, one of the busiest squares of Istanbul. Furthermore, an IVR mechanism has been developed in order to inform the participants about the campaign. Participants were asked to call the GSM number, which was seen on the TV commercial, via their mobile phones. The first 2.000 participants who called the number, instantly won 10 credits/2.5 minutes airtime. In the middle of the campaign period, an MMS was sent to target consumers in order to challenge them
for participating to the campaign. Since mobile world was the exact place to catch target audience, campaign’s wap banner was broadcasted on the Entertainment page of Turkcell-im wap portal between August 1st and 31st.
RESULT:The first phase of the campaign ended and 15 photos which have got the highest rates won the chance to be placed on millions of new Pepsi cans and bottles. As the campaign was met by great appreciaton by consumers and achieved its goals, it is decided to go on with new photos and packages. As for the quantitative results, a total of 95.832 photos were sent between 01.07-06.09.2007. And a total of 91.317 members signed up to the web site in two months; 444.352 visits were made by 189.358 unique visitors and 2.340.146 pageviews gathered. On the other hand, 48.579 IVR call gathered between 01.07-06.09.2007 and 14.5 % CTR gathered from the wap banner between 01.08-31.08.2007. Store Finder
Presented by Nokia

Campaign:  PR Newswire

Background: PR Newswire is one of the foremost providers of news release services worldwide, delivering news to mainstream and industry trade media and to its media-only Web site  withmore than 80,000 registered journalists worldwide since 1954. A technologically-progressive organization, PR Newswire was aware that the mobile Web presented a faster, efficient means for connecting with their users and looked to interactive agency iCrossing for strategic insight on how to leverage this new technology.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />


Idea: When PR Newswire first approached iCrossing to address its mobile needs, the agency was in the process of implementing a proprietary tool, SEO, which performs on-the-fly optimization of PR Newswire’s news release content for the Web. Extending the tool to perform code optimization for mobile browsers was a logical step and would offer PR Newswire the ability to deliver its content to users in real-time, regardless of location.


Goals: The objective was simple: to use the real-time optimization capabilities of SEO to create mobile-friendly versions of PR Newswire releases that could be viewed on the average handheld device, enabling PR Newswire news feed recipients to get the content they needed regardless of time, place or location. This would benefit all PR Newswire clients, but especially journalists and other media professionals who travel constantly because of their job responsibilities.


The result:  A device agnostic website that presents users with search engine optimized press releases around-the-clock, regardless of time, place or location.


iCrossing’s SEO service runs 24-hours a day, taking news feeds from PR Newswire and rendering them into freshly-search optimized content that appears on the wireline Web at www.  At the same time, it takes select feeds from PR Newswire’s US1 service and renders WAP 1.0 and WAP 2.0 versions that are viewable from the same unique URL and accessible across the major U.S. carriers.