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MMA CEO & CMO Summit

Reaching Mobile Maturity

Mobile is more than a communications channel, more than a device. It is the remote control of today’s modern lives and the gateway by which many consumers experience a brand. It also allows brands to understand and engage with their consumers in ways never before possible, making it the biggest transformation of our time and inarguably the biggest opportunity for marketers to gain a competitive edge. The success of an organization’s mobile strategy ultimately lies with the C-suite and their leadership from building internal capabilities and talent, integrating and embracing technology platforms that are instrumental in creating immediate, frictionless and personalized content to allocating and optimizing their media spend. Ultimately it is about achieving mobile maturity faster than your competitors.

This year’s MMA CEO & CMO Summit, the annual think tank for the mobile industry’s top influencers, leaders and decision makers, will showcase the importance and role of the C-suite in reaching mobile maturity. This event will inspire you and present tangible strategies that today’s mobile leaders are using to create mobile expertise internally and captivate consumers in relevant and unique ways that drive increased ROI.

The MMA CEO & CMO Summit is an exclusive, invitation only event.

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