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MMA MTA Exec Steering Committee:


MTA Marketers Council (Comprised of MMA Global and NA Boards)

  • American Express: Tatyana Zlotsky, Vice President, Digital Acquisition
  • Chase: Susan Canavari, Chief Brand Officer
  • Chobani: Peter McGuinness, Chief Marketing and Brand Officer
  • Choice Hotels: Robert McDowell, SVP, Global Distribution
  • Coca-Cola: Kim Gnatt, Global Group Director, Digital Marketing & Innovation
  • Colgate-Palmolive: Jack Haber, Former VP, Global Advertising & Digital
  • Dunkin’ Brands: John Costello, Former President, Global Marketing and Innovation
  • E*TRADE: Rich Muhlstock, Chief Operating Officer Marketing
  • Hilton Worldwide: Virginia Suliman, Vice President – Websites
  • Johnson & Johnson: Gail Horwood, VP, Worldwide Digital Strategy
  • Mastercard: Michael Donnelly, Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing
  • Nestlé: Pete Blackshaw, Global Head, Digital Marketing & Social Media
  • Procter & Gamble: Ilonka Laviz, Digital Marketing Director, Global eBusiness
  • Samsung: Jay Altschuler, VP, Media & Partnerships
  • T-Mobile: Andrew Sherrard, CMO
  • Wendy’s: Brandon Rhoten, VP, Advertising, Media & Digital
  • Zurich: Monu Kalsi, VP, Head of Digital Marketing

Global/NA Board Marketer Attribution Lead Member

  •, Jennifer Rabin, Sr. Director, Growth & Optimization
  • Allstate, Pamela Moy, Vice President - Marketing Analytics and Research
  • American Express OPEN, Hy Nguyen, Director, Mobile Acquisition OPEN
  • Bank Of America, Abby Mehta , Senior Vice President, Brand, Product & Marketing Communications Insights
  • Chobani, Scott Bacco, Sr. Director, Brand Marketing
  • Choice Hotels, Sarah Searls, VP, Performance Analytics
  • Choice Hotels, Lindsey Coffelt, Manager, Media Strategy
  • Choice Hotels, Olga Nielsen, Director, Marketing & Strategy Analytics
  • Colgate-Palmolive, Danielle Koffer, VP Global Media
  • Colgate-Palmolive, Marilyn Rice, Associate Director, Global & Consumer Market Insights
  • Colgate-Palmolive, Shelley Ivanko, Director, Global Analytics
  • Dunkin’ Brands, Scott Hudler, Senior Vice President / Chief Digital Officer
  • Dunkin’ Brands, Philip Solomon, Manager, Digital Marketing & Innovation, Strategy & Analytics
  • Hilton, Dustin Bomar, Vice President, Digital Acquisition and Brand Marketing
  • Johnson & Johnson, Igor Levin, Sr. Director, North American Analytics Leader
  • Mondelez, Peter Daw, Global Head, Growth Analytics
  • Mondelez, Michele Walton Levedag, Associate Director
  • Nestle, Chandan Mukherji, Global Head of Consumer & Marketplace Insights
  • Nestle, Robert Reyes, Director of Analytics, Consumer & Marketplace Insights
  • Nestle, David Lenz, Analytics Manager, Consumer & Marketplace
  • Procter & Gamble, Patrick Schwing, Associate Marketing Director, Digital Brand Building & Mobile
  • Procter & Gamble, Kanishka Das, Global eBusiness Research Leader
  • Samsung, Stephen Murray, Head of Digital Marketing Insights & Analytics
  • Samsung, Marina Koletis, Marketing Specialist
  • Samsung, Jesse Laskaris, Sr. Product Manager, Data Enablement & Application
  • T-Mobile, Gavin Olmstead, Director, Mobile Ecosystem Analytics
  • T-Mobile, Mark Roettgering, VP, Marketing/Pricing
  • Unilever, Kristy Vance, Global Director, Media Insights
  • Unilever, Steven Meshekow, Sr. Manager, Modeling & Analytics
  • Zurich North America, Mark Schurtman, Campaign Analytics Manager

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