Mobile Marketing Association Launches Marketing Attribution Think Tank To Lead and Rethink Marketing Attribution and Measurement

The MMA Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT) will help rethink the world of marketing measurement and attribution, and give marketers better measurements, tools and confidence in connecting marketing to business outcomes. The first initiative of MATT is focused on Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), as many marketers believe it to be the Holy Grail to fixing marketing measurement.

The MATT Kick-Off Workshop

  On November 1, the MMA hosted a members-only kick-off workshop for marketing analysts and brand teams, featuring a deep-dive into the MTA landscape. The session included:

  • Demystifing the MTA landscape
  • Bringing clarity to the multitude of MTA modeling techniques
  • Going in depth on MTA provider evaluations with a sophisticated scoring methodology
  • Providing guidance and tools for selecting MTA providers based on a variety of use cases

MMA's Supporting MTA Research

The governance of MATT is brand led with the following members of the Steering Committee:


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