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The MMA Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT) will help rethink the world of marketing measurement and attribution, and give marketers better measurements, tools and confidence in connecting marketing to business outcomes. The first initiative of MATT is focused on Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA), as many marketers believe it to be the Holy Grail to fixing marketing measurement.

The Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)
Working Groups

  As the leading trade group for the marketing industry, the MMA is pleased to announce the next phase in our critical attribution initiative focused on Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA) – the formation of two working groups to dig even deeper into the issues of Walled Gardens and Data Quality and Accuracy.

Walled Gardens and Data Quality & Accuracy are significant pain points in understanding and gathering meaningful metrics to inform critical decisions. MMA member marketers including executives from Allstate, American Express, Bank of America, The Coca-Cola Company, General Motors, GSK, Nestle, P&G, Target and are now ccoming together through the MMA to find resolutions to these core priorities within their organizations.

The working groups, comprised of a select group of brand marketers, are on the frontline in developing standards and a code of conduct to bring increased transparency, accuracy and data verification to crucial metrics major brands rely on for allocation of media dollars and other business decisions.

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The Multi-Touch Attribution (MTA)
Decision Guide

MMA research shows 40% of major marketers will implement MTA over the next 12-18 months. The Marketing Attribution Think Tank (MATT) has the perfect place to start with our comprehensive MTA Decision Guide. You will find our guide is a terrific resource for:

  • Demystifying the MTA Landscape with an 80 page MTA report out
  • Bringing clarity to the multitude of MTA modeling techniques
  • Going in-depth on MTA provider evaluations with a sophisticated scoring methodology
  • Providing guidance and tools for selecting MTA providers based on a variety of use cases

Click here to view the MATT Workshop Replay and complete Marketing Attribution Decision Guide

MMA’s Supporting MTA Research

The governance of MATT is brand led with the following members of the Steering Committee:


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