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Marketing Organization & Design

Firms want to create modern marketing organizations in response to dramatic changes in the media and marketing landscape, changing customer expectations, and the emergence of new competitors. Yet, more than 80% of marketers at large firms are not satisfied with the effectiveness of their marketing organization.

Our research indicates that the lack of alignment between the role marketing is expected to play, and the capabilities needed to deliver on that role is a major reason for performance gaps. Furthermore, marketer efforts are hampered by the absence of frameworks and comprehensive metrics to inform role alignment and capability planning decisions.

As more businesses continue to invest in MarTech solutions, and the Indonesian marketing landscape continues to evolve, it is crucial for marketers to identify trends and best practices that will help them accelerate business growth. 

In line with MMA’s mission to continuously enlighten, empower and enable marketers to shape the future of modern marketing, we have developed the MMA Indonesia MarTech Report 2021. It includes valuable insights into Indonesia’s MarTech landscape, delving into topics such as advertising and promotion, content and experience, and commerce and sales.

June, 2021
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