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The MMA’s groundbreaking series of SMoX case studies, which examine mobile’s role in a multi-touch attribution world, are providing brand marketers with empirical evidence about how mobile can provide maximum impact for the very first time. These studies answer three critical questions:

  1. Can mobile help brands meet their marketing goals across the purchase funnel?
  2. What is the optimal mobile allocation for my campaign?
  3. How can I make my mobile investment work harder?

Our most recent SMoX studies are available for download now:

Allstate (March 2017)

The Mobile Marketing Association is excited to unveil this latest SMoX cross-marketing attribution study. It contains compelling new insights – including how the optimal combination of formats and targeting can create significant shifts in sales and consideration, as well as proof that there is no direct correlation between clickthroughs and conversions. The study’s insights make it a must-read for everyone in the marketing ecosystem who is serious about making mobile a core part of their arsenal.

The study counsels for a new measurement approach and highlights key tactics that can help any marketer amp up and optimize their mobile efforts. These include findings about:

  • The most effective, efficient mobile video and audio formats.
  • How targeting can change the game.
  • The connection between formats and efficiency across the purchase funnel.
  • The cost efficiency of in-app placements versus the mobile Web.
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Unilever (October 2016)

This study, for Magnum ice cream, accentuates how certain combinations of formats, channels and targeting methods can further improve results. It shows:

  • The ability of mobile to deliver on context in an unrivaled fashion.
  • The power of producing creative exclusively for mobile.
  • The benefits of using dynamic targeting in mobile.
  • The reasons why it’s important to focus on sales impact in mobile as opposed to CPM.
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These studies are just two of the many initiatives spearheaded by the MMA that give the marketing community vital learnings about mobile. The Allstate and Unilever research joins SMoX case studies already performed on behalf of AT&T, Coca-Cola, Mastercard and Walmart that together form the most complete body of research on mobile attribution that exists today.

To have SMoX research presented to your team, or to become a SMoX participant, partner or supporter, please contact:

Sheryl Daija
MMA Chief Strategy Officer
M: + 1 917 287 6140

Vassilis Bakopoulos
MMA VP/Head of Industry Research
M: + 1 917 856 5905

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The Mobile Marketing Association would like to thank the marketers at AT&T, Coca-Cola, MasterCard and WalMart. Thank you to the Industry Partners, including the Association of National Advertisers (ANA), The Advertising Research Foundation (ARF), The American Association of Advertising Agencies (AAAA) and Media Link. Thank you to the study supporters Vodafone, The Weather Channel, Pandora, inmobi, xAd, Tremor Video, Turkcell, Facebook, Millennial Media, Verve, Urban Airship, Weve, Yahoo!, Videology, Twitter, Meredith, MXM, AT&T Adworks, Avea, Hello World. Thank you the research partners Marketing Evolution and Millward Brown Digital.