The Pitch

The Pitch: Five Companies Faceoff to Show How Their Innovation and Value Proposition is Unique

This session is different than any other session you’ll attend. It IS a sales pitch! Some things can’t be explained in written words, you need to see it and hear it. No amount of brochures or signage can replace the moment when someone sees your solution JUST WORK. That's what The Pitch is for. Five companies are sponsoring The Pitch so that they can have the opportunity to convince the audience that they have something really different, really new and special to show off.   At the end, the audience will vote for their favorite pitch. The winning company will receive a plaque and the honor of winning The Pitch: MMA Forum 2011.

The Pitch is sponsored by each presenting firm.  Convince us that you have something really different, really new, really unusual to show off, and we'll give you six minutes on stage in front of the MMA Forum audience.

This is how it works.

This is a unique and powerful platform for you to demonstrate your latest innovation in front of the best and brightest that the mobile marketing and advertising space has to offer, including personalities and companies across the ecosystem. Demoing at The Pitch can lead to new customers, VC funding, strategic partnerships, expert feedback, major press coverage or even more. The sky's the limit.

Three benefits of taking part in The Pitch

  1. Visibility is important.
    Some of the best products never make it to market, because no one sees them, and with ever-rising levels of competition in the current economic climate, becoming invisible is the best way to lose out. Get the edge on the competition, and make your pitch.
  2. The audience is focused.
    The very nature of MMAF attracts an audience that is going to be interested in your product or service, particularly if you can emphasize its mobile technology angle. Why try to make yourself heard over the crowd, when you can talk to the right audience right here.
  3. Short, sharp and to the point.
    The show and tell format of The Pitch strips away a lot of the unnecessary fluff, and instead puts your innovation front and centre. The fast pace of the event also helps to keep things moving along - and keeps the audience of top executives captivated, and interested.

The Fine Print

  • Participants in The Pitch will be chosen by a selection panel made up of representatives from across the mobile marketing ecosystem.
  • Submit your product or service for a chance to be part of The Pitch - with a short write up, brochures and other collateral, including videos of the innovation in action, your webpage and whatever else you think will help to make your case.
  • The panel may contact you for more information, or to see a presentation of your demo.
  • Demos must be ready – no works-in-progress, dummy models, or prototypes.
  • Demos must be live on the device: if it’s a mobile phone service, demo it on a phone!
  • We'll let you know if you are selected.
  • Participants in The Pitch will pay a sponsorship fee ($6,000 in North America)