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MMA IMPACT India 2024 | Delhi Edition - Vivek Ballabh | Speaker


I had the pleasure of being part of an absolutely fascinating panel discussion, on the impact of AI in Programmatic Advertising organised by MMA Global! 
As the moderator, I had the pleasure of navigating through some amazing insights coming from some of the best minds in the industry. 
A big thank you to my brilliant fellow panellists, who brought in perspectives specific to their brands and platforms. 
Rajiv Dubey Gunjan Khetan Vishal Singh Gandharv Sachdeva Pratik Udeshi 
A big shout out to MMA Global for organising this event and inviting me for a session. 

SVP, Growth Solutions

MMA IMPACT India 2024 | Delhi Edition - Pradyumn Pasari


Last week I had an amazing opportunity to talk to industry stalwarts on how AI is and will be shaping marketing, at the MMA Global Impact India Event! It was exhilarating to see the excitement and belief on adopting AI across organizations.  

The panel discussion with Chandan Mukherji, Parthasarathy M A, Dhruv Dhawan, Pratik Mukherjee, Moneka Khurana and Venkata Susmita B. was a delight. 

AI & Growth Marketing Lead, India
HP Inc

MMA IMPACT India 2024 | Delhi Edition - Rahul Joshi | Speaker


"I recently had the privilege of speaking at the MMA Global India event in Gurugram. Kudos to MMA Global India for organising such a remarkable event. The exchange of ideas and discussions about the future of AI and its role in our Digital Advertising ecosystem were truly inspiring. 

Sales Head - India

MMA IMPACT India 2024 | Delhi Edition - Gandharv Sachdeva | Speaker


Recently, I had the privilege of being part of a distinguished panel at the hashtag#MMAImpact, Delhi Chapter.  
My compliments to MMA Global India for weaving together the best ideas, emerging trends, and thought leadership into a perfect blend of proven strategies and groundbreaking innovations in the field of AI and programmatic advertising. 
Excited for the bright days that lie ahead for our industry!

Country Head - India

MMA IMPACT India 2024 | Delhi Edition - Rajiv Dubey | Speaker


Had an amazing time at the MMA Global APAC event learning about new trends in programmatic advertising with AI! Thanks to Vivek Ballabh  for moderating the discussions so well and keeping us on track. Huge shoutout to Lloyd Pereira and Moneka Khurana for organizing such a fantastic learning experience. Special thanks to Vishal Singh  for sharing the post and highlighting the value of this event. Excited to implement these learnings in my work! #ai #marketing #media #advertising #brandmanagement #dabur #fmcg #programatic

Head of Media
Dabur India Limited

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June, 2024

Present you the release of awaited Annual Report: Brand Safety and Martech 2024. 

This report unfolds how AI revolution, brand building, campaign, attention, the emerging influencers marketing to evolving user experiences are essential towards nowadays challenges.

June, 2024
Education Section: 

Our eighth annual study highlights the latest trends in marketing measurement and attribution for 2024. Marketers have shown increased economic optimism in the first quarter, though this has not translated into higher media budgets. Instead, there is a stronger emphasis on achieving measurable outcomes, with fewer companies prioritizing reach.

June, 2024
Education Section: 

Wednesday, June 26, 2024 - 12:30pm to 1:00pm EDT

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