November 18, 2008

Brand: Unilever / Sana

Agency: Electric Agency / Turkey

Duration: 06.09.2008


Sana brand wanted to reach more households all around Turkey and increase its sells through digital tools. The aim was to reach target audience with Turkcell permitted database and to inform them with the campaign and the product itself with a genuine life experience.

A broad range of customer profiles were scanned in order to determine the target audience. Thousands of housewives between the ages of 25-45, who has a child and lives either in Antalya, Bursa, Izmir, Kayseri or Trabzon (main cities of Turkey), were called with an IVR (Interactive Voice Response) and informed of Sana Team’s possible instant door visits. They were told that their door could be knocked by Sana team and that they could win surprise awards if they have Sana in the kitchen. Women responded either “yes” or “no” by pressing the phone keys. 11.672 out of 14.802 women who received this call responded and pressed the keys. This was to get reel data on “product usage measurement”. The ones that didn’t respond the call were informed by a SMS message. Housewives ended up in markets to purchase Sana and waited for Sana Team’s visit to their houses.

Used Mobile Tools: SMS, IVR


This campaign created a great viral effect among the consumers, through the use of mobile phones and IVR calls. Thousands of households were visited and 52% of whom responded the call involved in the campaign by pressing the phone keys either “yes” or “no”.