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The MMA has historically approached messaging as an essential component of smart mobile marketing. Over the last ten years, messaging has evolved from being the centerpiece of a brand’s mobile efforts to becoming an important, but often hard to implement, component of an overall mobile marketing effort that needs to sidle with the entire media mix. We think the time is now for approaching the messaging opportunity as part of a more holistic approach to mobile marketing, and coming at it from an enterprise angle may be most productive.

With consumer preferences changing rapidly, and social applications/networks like Facebook, Whatsapp, and Slack dedicating their seemingly endless resources to quenching the thirst for communications tools, it’s no longer enough for enterprises to merely have access to communication channels. Enterprises must have a comprehensive and well thought out strategy for engaging with customers via mobile devices.

Current Projects

The MMA Enterprise Messaging Initiative will be established to:

  • Educate brands on the impact, importance, and effectiveness of mobile messaging
  • How to budget and resource around messaging initiatives
  • Encourage on-going collaboration with MMA to make mobile messaging a strategic priority in the executive boardrooms and leading marketing agencies.

Committee Member Companies Include