Jesta Digital Entertainment, Inc.

Jesta Digital is a leading global provider of next generation entertainment content and services for the digital consumer. A proven innovator for over 10 years, the company continues to develop and introduce exciting new products that deliver a seamless entertainment experience via web or wireless connection on a broad range of devices.

Jesta Digital is home to a number of well-known and established brands including Jamba and Jamster which deliver branded content, music, games and apps to millions of mobile consumers; iLove, a unique mobile networking service that helps people meet, interact and form relationships; and Mobizzo, a mobile subscription service that challenges members to take quizzes to earn money and prizes. The company's creative studios have developed widely popular and unique digital content such as the animated character Rene la Taupe who began life as a ringtone and went on to capture the number one spot on the French singles chart.

With principal offices in Berlin, Los Angeles and New York City and operations throughout the world, Jesta Digital is one of the largest companies in the digital entertainment sector delivering compelling products and services to millions of consumers at home and on the go. Jesta Digital is a subsidiary of Jesta Group, a diversified company with holdings in real estate, manufacturing, technology and aviation.