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What Apple’s offense means to brands, retailers and rivals 

How Apple is challenging the status quo and affecting all players in the ecosystem, particularly rivals, and what this iPhone and iPad onslaught means for brands, retailers and rivals looking to capture or hold on to market share in their respective spheres. Themes include:

  • Apple as the ultimate cross-channel catalyst for innovation and what it means for marketing and retail
  • How the iPhone and iPad, along with the MacBook Air, are redefining mobile as we know it
  • Is the Apple customer really different
  • Making sense of the competitor landscape – Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Samsung, Dell, Nokia, Research In Motion and Hewlett-Packard – and their answers to Apple’s iPhone and iPad
  • How and where brands, marketers and retailers should focus their energy and dollars in this mobile ecosystem to gain customer and prospect attention
  • case study: How the car shopping service is molding its iPhone and iPad strategy along with offerings on other platforms including Google’s Android
  • Best-practice tips for getting the most out of sites and applications for the Apple iPhone and iPad

Live Webinar Date: September 27, 2012


Cross Platform Optimization - Utilizing Technology to Move Brands Across Screens

The days of running a campaign on only one specific platform are over! Consumers use many devices, so brands need to optimize across all devices to stay on top of the competition. Cross Platform Optimization gives marketers the tools to optimize a campaign in real-time based on their end goal, regardless of the medium. Through real examples of clients who were able to drive significant increases in performance using very simple optimizations, will discuss recent findings and best practices in cross platform optimization. Any brand or agency will find the information helpful in improving marketing results for the future of ad buying across devices.

Live Webinar Date: September 25, 2012

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Mobile Marketing at Work: How a Well-Executed Campaign Helped Grow Mobile Sales

Cass Baker, EVP of Chicago based Leapfrog Online will lead a discussion on how across the Leapfrog Online client portfolio, leading brands are integrating mobile as a strategic revenue tool in the marketing mix. He will address how Leapfrog Online is creating focused experiences that reflect evolving consumer behavior in mobile and tablets and how the company has demonstrated a tangible ability to drive dramatic revenue growth for leading brands. Specifically, Baker will address how Leapfrog Online helped to grow mobile sales from 0 to 10% of Total Digital Sales for Time Warner Cable in 3 months, why mobile and tablets have quickly become a rising star in the Time Warner Cable’s digital portfolio, and what’s differentiating TWC’s mobile campaign as a true innovator in the field. Driven by new technologies and increased device consumption, spending on mobile marketing continues to see unprecedented growth. Baker will share insights around consumer-centric engagement, strategies and tactics.

Live Webinar Date: September 12, 2012


Embracing the Showrooming Mobile Shopper 

We already know that consumers are using their mobile device to enhance their shopping experience. As smartphone adoption continues to skyrocket, consumers are smarter and more informed than ever before. Instant access to product comparisons, prices and reviews – all while standing in the aisle – give the shoppers the upper hand. Retailers have a choice – embrace mobile to enhance the shopping experience.  Join Vibes’ Director of Mobile Solutions Matt Cava to review key insights of a Vibes-commissioned study on the purchase behavior of the mobile consumer and learn key strategies for leveraging mobile to recapture lost revenue. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The latest stats on showrooming’s impact on a retailer's bottom line
  • How retailers are combatting showrooming by embracing smart mobile experiences
  • How the right mobile content can reduce the path to purchase
  • The opportunities with leveraging mobile post-purchase to drive deeper engagement and loyalty

Live Webinar Date: September 6, 2012


How to Acquire Loyal App Users Who Engage and Transact

Hear Craig Palli, mobile app marketing authority, and VP of Business Development at Fiksu, explain how to unlock the secrets to generating large numbers of downloads by the users you value most. Kim Luegers, Director of Mobile at Pandora will provide perspective on how Pandora keeps its 50 million unique mobile & tablet users engaged in the app environment. You’ll learn proven marketing approaches used by leading mobile app businesses to increase app store ranking and drive large download volumes – from profitable, loyal users.

View this Webinar to:

  • Learn how to drive downloads from profitable users
  • Hear about leading-edge mobile app marketing tools used by leading businesses
  • Learn methods to increase download volume and reduce user acquisition cost

Live Webinar Date: August 29, 2012

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Become Best-in-Class in Mobile: Learn How Coca-Cola's Mobile Center of Excellence Adds Value & Educates from Within

Digital is clearly key for Coca-Cola, and they do it right. As a mature brand, they understand consumer behavior and see the need to adopt innovative marketing technology and approaches to bring value to the consumer, customer and organization. One of the major reasons the Company has been so successful in connecting the physical to the digital world is their Mobile Center of Excellence (MCOE) which has developed key strategies, identified gaps and opportunities.

This continual process accelerates development with key vendors, partners and constituents to help drive initiatives using mobile. In this webinar, members of the MCOE will share the vision, mission, method and results of the Center of Excellence, as well as discuss the needs that Mozes, a mobile engagement partner, helps to fill through supporting events like Essence Music Festival, NASCAR 600, Coca-Cola Beach Spring Break, and College football games.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to approach cultivating an in-house mobile expert or team.
  • How mobile is transforming the event experience.
  • How to convert participation into long-term relationships.
  • Best practices for building a successful mobile engagement strategy incorporating audience engagement.

Live Webinar Date: August 16, 2012


Driving Sales, Engagement & ROI with Rich Media Mobile Messaging

Today's marketers have a wide range of mobile marketing tools, all designed to drive customers and prospects through the marketing funnel. But what mobile tool is truly driving the largest number of opens, web & retail traffic and sales? Mobile messaging is and in particular, MultiMedia Messaging (MMS). In this webinar, Mogreet's James Citron and Charlotte Russe's own Paul Hollowell will discuss how mobile marketing is effectively achieving their sales and engagement goals, while building a closer relationship between the brand and the customer. In addition, Paul and James will discuss how to integrate mobile messaging into one's overall marketing program to drive long-term results, while delivering the best possible customer experience in the process.

The webinar will:

  • Demonstrate why brands should utilize mobile messaging (SMS/MMS)
  • How to create a ROI-driven mobile marketing program
  • How to integrate mobile messaging into your existing marketing efforts  

Live Webinar Date: August 9, 2012


Improving the Economics in Mobile Marketing

Today mobile devices of all sorts have flooded markets around the world. The digital consumer is dependent on their mobile device for everything from entertainment, to shopping to banking. Time spent in front of the mobile device screen is outpacing all other screens together. While app revenue is growing fast, ad revenue is lagging on mobile and a huge opportunity that simply hasn’t had the technology available to tap efficiently. In this webinar, James Lamberti GM of AdTruth and Anne Frisbie Head of North America at InMobi will discuss the challenges marketers are faced with today and the trends and technologies shaping the future of mobile marketing.

In this session we will discuss:

  • Current landscape and the trends that will shape it in the future
  • How the economics of mobile marketing can be improved
  • A case study looking at the struggles and successes leading to efficient ad monetization on mobile devices

Live Webinar Date: August 2, 2012


BabyCenter 2012 American Media Mom Report

In the newest edition of their industry leading 21st Century Mom® Insights Series, BabyCenter, together with Nielsen, introduces The 2012 American Media Mom Report – an exploration of how the media habits of today’s moms are changing the rules for marketers.

Motherhood significantly impacts how women use media, and The 2012 American Media Mom Report examines how this critical audience segment – with over $2 trillion in spending power – is blending traditional and digital formats in new ways.

Topics include:

  • Media shifting
  • Device adoption
  • Time spent across media platforms
  • Social usage
  • Mobile growth

Before engaging Mom, marketers need to be aware of the changing dynamics affecting her media choices, and plan accordingly.

Live Webinar Date: July 26, 2012


Addressing Fragmentation in Mobile

Fragmentation occurs at multiple levels in mobile: operating systems, devices, features, assets, advertising. With so many flavors and combinations, how do you maximize your offerings, deliver quality apps, without breaking the bank? In this upcoming webinar, Phillip Broyles, Associate Director, Digital Products & Operations at NBCUniversal and Marci Weisler, COO at EachScape will discuss the challenges and approaches to overcome them, and will share insights into how media brands like E! have found success in mobile.

Live Webinar Date: July 12, 2012


How to Manage the Increasing Complexity and Costs of Mobile App Development

Learn how to manage the increasing complexity and costs associated with mobile app development across Apple iOS and Google Android devices. Apps are everywhere. Sparked by the introduction of Apple's App Store as well as the emergence of Facebook as a distribution platform for apps and content, consumers and businesses alike have embraced the app experience. As a result, organizations across all industries need to engage with their audience through mobile apps, but developing apps for these devices has become increasingly complex and costly. There are now more platforms and devices to support, more app versions to build and maintain, and new performance metrics to master. While the app environment offers exciting new opportunities for publishers, it also involves additional technical work, higher costs, and increased complexity - all of which distract from higher-value needs like content development and business strategy.

Live Webinar Date: June 28, 2012

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Geofencing and Location Marketing Success Stories 

Learn how to easily add geofencing for cross-platform marketing and SMS campaigns, and learn about the results of Locaid’s MMA Forum Location Challenge! From being a preferred provider of location services on all Tier-1 carriers in North America; to geofencing the entire state of Nevada for mobile gaming to comply with Nevada Gaming Control Board regulations; to conducting our Mobile Location Challenge for the MMA Forum (see above); to launching our new Locaid Geofence™ solution, our geolocation roots run deep. 

Live Webinar Date: June 27, 2012

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Going on the Offensive Against Showrooming: Leveraging Mobile to Drive Store Analytics, Traffic, Engagement and Commerce

Currently more than 90% of multi-channel retail sales come from within the store. This revenue base is now under attack by the proliferation of smartphones and comparative shopping apps used within the store by consumers who want the best experience and price. In this upcoming webinar, guest speaker Julie Ask of Forrester Research and Doug Wick of Digby will discuss this opportunity and share insights into how a retail branded rich app can change the game in the retail store by enabling retailers to engage with their customers like never before.

Live Webinar Date: June 6, 2012

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Reaching the Right Audience Through Mobile Social Media

Looking to capture the right audience with the right message at the right time on Mobile? This webinar presented by airG, one of the world’s largest mobile social media products, offers an in-depth look into the Mobile Social Media and its audience engagement with mobile advertising. In this session you will get a better understanding of the mobile social media audience and how to reach your core audience, learn from current success stories of brands integrating mobile social media in their media mix, and how you can start launching your brand’s campaign today!

Live Webinar Date: May 31, 2012

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MMA Regional North America Member Update

Find out what your trade association is doing for the mobile industry. Learn how you can participate better and take advantage of your member benefits. This MMA member update is led by North America Managing Director, Michael Becker, who shares the latest initiatives and programs happening within the MMA and the industry.

Live Webinar Date: May 31, 2012


Warner Bros. and Flixster Generate Revenue and Consumption via Mobile

How marketers need to learn from movie studio Warner Bros. experience with mobile as consumers increasingly consume and buy content via mobile devices, as well as respond to marketing messages in that medium.


• Examining the latest developments in evolving consumer mobile behavior with consumption of movies 
• Insights into how mobile drives entertainment decisions 
• How mobile provides new areas of content distribution and revenue for the studio
• The scoop on how Warner Bros. is using mobile to enhance consumers’ enjoyment of movies
• How Warner Bros. and Flixster are leveraging UltraViolet, the new movies platform, to boost consumer enjoyment of movies they own by providing access to that content from any device, be it a PC, smartphone or tablet
• Best-practice tips

Live Webinar Date: May 24, 2012


Multi-Channel Commerce: Driving Transactions by Engaging Consumers in their World

We live in a multi-screen commercial world. TV, computers, tablets and mobile devices have turned the traditional purchase funnel into a purchase pretzel. Consumers no longer follow the traditional, linear steps to conversion, but now follow a much more circuitous path that jumps spontaneously from screen-to-screen. This new path-to-purchase is highly individualistic, driven by the consumer, and very difficult to predict.

Marketers and advertisers must learn to be omni-present for their consumers by engaging them meaningfully based on the channel AND making that engagement relevant for the other channels.

This webinar will cover how mobile advertising strategies and tactics fit into an effective multi-channel strategy; how to use mobile to strengthen other channels and vice versa, and give forward-looking guidance on the role that mobile will play in commerce.

Live Webinar Date: May 17, 2012 

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Recognizing the Full Potential of QR Codes

Last year was truly a breakthrough year for QR Codes, and many brands are just now realizing the full potential of the technology for millions of Smartphone users. This webinar will explore the newest trends, case studies, and tools that enable you to offer a more intelligent & personalized user experience that will keep consumers coming back for more. Come learn from the experts that power campaigns for some of the largest brands in the world.

Live Webinar Date: May 15, 2012

Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices

Many who have run mobile marketing and advertising programs have tremendous insights that others can use to further their business goals and boost their careers. Hipcricket Chief Marketing Officer Jeff Hasen interviewed more than two dozen experienced marketers for his new book, Mobilized Marketing: Driving Sales, Engagement, and Loyalty Through Mobile Devices. In a webinar with Michael Becker, the Mobile Marketing Association’s North American Managing Director, Hasen breaks down how brands of all sizes have performed in their mobile efforts—why some have failed and how others bravely turned to mobile. Hasen and Becker will discuss field-tested guidance from the experiences of brands such as CNN, MillerCoors, Macy’s, Intuit, and ESPN. The webinar will prepare you to:

  • Integrate mobile into your marketing programs and effectively measure it
  • Make your existing marketing spends work harder
  • Determine which mobile tactics are keepers and which are not

Live Webinar Date: May 3, 2012

The Rise to Prominence of the Mobile Channel – and Mobile’s Additive Impact Across the Media Landscape 

Today’s media environment is evolving rapidly, with dramatic growth in consumption from smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. Join us as we explore the latest trends in mobile usage behaviors and technology adoption, and review recent mobile marketing case studies as we evaluate how the mobile channel is presenting new opportunities  for other media and marketing channels. Key discussion points will include:

  • The current mobile environment, including device adoption trends and consumption behaviors
  • The growing mobile marketing opportunity across a variety of mobile channels, including web, app, video, QR codes and SMS
  • The mobile channel as connective tissue and a catalyst for other media channels
  • The mobile channel as a game changer for existing content and marketing paths 

Live Webinar Date: April 17, 2012

MMA APAC WEBINAR: Smartphone Growth And The Adoption Of LBS in India

India is host to an abundance of dynamic landscapes to navigate, and an increasingly mobile population that craves information and engagement. Smartphone sales in India rose by 87% in 2011 over the previous year1, and the tens of millions of smartphone subscribers in the region use their devices an average of 2.5 hours each day2. Of this, communication (voice and text) accounts for only 28% of usage2. More than ever, these smartphone subscribers need LBS solutions that make it easier to create meaningful and relevant connections to the goods, services or genuine experiences they need. The fast-growing LBS market in India has never been more robust, and continues to grow rapidly.

Poynt is a leader in the LBS and advertising space in India, and its India-specific mobile application – times. Poynt offers its users a unified, actionable and intuitive search experience. Our user growth in India is staggering. Since its inception in October 2011, the times Poynt user base has grown to almost half the size of the Poynt user base in the UK – a market that Poynt has occupied since 2010. Additionally, as a response to an initial advertising campaign in Late February 2012, times Poynt saw an immediate 60% increase in both new downloads and Event/Nightlife searches.



Live Webinar Date: April 10, 2012
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Mobile Dependence Day: Five Ways Marketers Can Embrace Consumer Mobile Dependence

There’s no doubt about it—smartphones are powerful, addictive, and have a dramatic impact on consumers’ online behavior. But what’s the best way to reach mobile consumers, and how can marketers position themselves to take advantage of the smartphone revolution?

The latest research for ExactTarget examines:

  • The growth of the mobile market
  • The significance of “Mobile Dependence Day”
  • The impact of smartphone dependence on purchasing behavior across media 

In this webinar, we'll review the findings of ExactTarget's research and the five ways you can embrace key trends to successfully engage your customers through, and with, mobile.

Live Webinar Date: February 16, 2012
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Embracing MMA's Universal Mobile Ad Package Standards: Benefits and Where We Go From Here

The MMA Universal Mobile Ad Package v.2.0 is a set of 6 ad unit sizes that take the guesswork out of planning and buying advertising for mobile phones. With UMAP v.2.0 the MMA is able to identify the ad unit sizes that can run virtually anywhere around the globe, on either smartphones or feature phones. Creative and media agencies benefit from this because they can more readily include mobile in their media plans. Publishers and ad networks also benefit because it removes some of the friction that exists when many sellers offer ad sizes only a fraction different than others. Moderator: Michael Becker, Managing Director, North America, Mobile Marketing Association Speakers: Anne Frisbie, VP & Managing Director, North America, InMobi Scott Jensen, Vice President, Digital Products/Apps, The Weather Channel Leo Scullin, Global Industry Initiatives, Mobile Marketing Association Space is limited, reserve your spot today!

Live Webinar Date: January 19th, 2012

How Newspapers Can Optimize Traffic and Revenue with Mobile, Part 2: A Look at Mobile Apps

With U.S. smartphone penetration hitting 40% and tablet ownership expected to exceed 40 million by the end of 2012, the opportunities for reaching users through mobile apps are substantial. But research also shows app abandon rates are very high. How to best engage users in your mobile apps, drive usage and deliver that audience to advertisers? In this joint MMA/NAA Webinar, mobile industry experts will offer five critical steps for optimizing your usage and revenue on mobile apps.

Live Webinar Date: December 13, 2011
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Thinking Human: How to Optimize and Sustain Consumer Engagement

We need to remember to "think human" when it comes to mobile marketing. In today's world of mass marketing overload getting a potential customer's attention is a scarce resource. You need to focus not only on getting the opt-in, but also how to sustain consumer engagement. This should not be done simply with algorithms and technology, it requires a human touch to demonstrate very quickly that what you are offering – your content – is worth paying attention to. This discussion will illustrate best practices for "thinking human."

Live Webinar Date: December 6, 2011
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Marketing Mobile Applications

A great mobile app starts with a good concept, but making that concept a reality is a complex process. Native mobile applications present brand owners with an unprecedented opportunity to connect with their customers – yet most are used a handful of times before they are forgotten or deleted altogether. In order to stake their claim on the most valuable real estate in the world – smartphone and tablet desktops – brands needs to fully understand the mobile application lifecycle and the steps that produce an app that is frequently downloaded and frequently used.

iCrossing's Mobile VP, Rachel Pasqua, takes attendees through the phases of the mobile app lifecycle including the essential pre-launch content planning and development phases and the essential post-launch combination of Bought, Earned and Owned media that ensures optimal app store search visibility and downloads. Attendees will learn tried and true techniques for developing truly engaging mobile apps as well as valuable techniques for driving discoverability and achieving a competitive rank in the increasingly complex mobile app ecosystem.

Live Webinar Date: December 1, 2011
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How Newspapers Can Optimize Traffic and Revenue with Mobile - Part 1: A Look at Mobile Web

While many newspapers are seeing substantial audience growth on their mobile Web sites, it still represents a small percentage of overall digital audience. More significant, revenue is growth is not keeping pace with traffic growth. In this joint MMA/NAA Webinar, mobile industry experts will offer five critical steps for optimizing your traffic and revenue on mobile web sites.

Live Webinar Date: November 9, 2011
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Mobile Barcode Marketing – From A to Z

Mobile Barcodes (more specifically; QR Codes) have started to pop up everywhere. We see them appearing in magazines & catalogs, on outdoor signage, on packaged goods, on billboards, and even as artwork. Given the increasing adoption of Smartphones and rapid advancements in their capabilities, Mobile Barcodes are becoming a powerful advertising vehicle with near infinite opportunities. Unfortunately, far too many Marketers utilizing Mobile Barcodes are sacrificing its true potential – merely using them to direct consumers to an existing website. Although the technology does in fact present an efficient way to access websites, there is significantly more value attainable with effective implementation.

This webinar will offer a comprehensive understanding of available opportunities by exploring a wide range of relevant services, practices, and techniques. Attendees will learn that marketing with Mobile Barcodes is about more than simply delivering a message, it’s about creating an end-to-end Mobile experience for consumers. You can expect to walk away with an elevated appreciation for barcode integration, websites & content mobilization, and the ability to achieve maximum revenue with mobile payment solutions and mCommerce.

Live Webinar Date: November 3, 2011
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Mobile Relationship Management: Strategies For Weaving Mobile Throughout the Customer Lifecycle

If you’re executing your mobile initiatives in a silo that’s disconnected from your overall marketing strategy, then you’re not taking advantage of the true power of mobile marketing. Launching an iPhone app or a mobile web page does not equal a mobile strategy. Instead, successful mobile marketers need to take a more holistic approach to designing a mobile strategy – one that’s tightly aligned with their brand’s broader marketing objectives and mapped to their customer journey.

Using real-world case studies and engaging Q&A discussion, leading brand marketers will share their experiences, best practices and future predictions for how to effectively integrate smart mobile touch points throughout the customer lifecycle to deepen engagement and drive return.

Live Webinar Date: October 20, 2011
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What Retailers Can Learn from the Intersection of Hyperlocal Advertising and the Auto Sector

Looking to drive sales in-store via mobile marketing? In order to do so and generate higher-than-industry-average results from mobile campaigns, context is key.

Contextual relevance means getting the right ad – search, display or messaging – in front of the right user and connecting all the dots so that marketing dollars spent lead to ROI in terms of sales. Automotive brands really understand this mantra and are incorporating hyperlocal advertising, since consumers’ location is most indicative of what they are doing or plan to do. Sponsored by Poynt, this hour-long free webinar will offer expert advice how retailers can learn from the automotive industry’s use of hyperlocal advertising and put it to use as a means of driving sales in-store.

Live Webinar Date: October 27, 2011
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The Relevancy Group Marketer Survey Results: State of the Mobile Marketing Industry

According to eMarketer, mobile ad spending is predicted to reach 1 billion dollars in 2011. Impressive as these figures might be, there is the potential for even more growth. Given the explosive adoption of smart phones, marketers now have a tremendous opportunity to increase their mobile spend even further and speak to consumers no matter where they are – iPhones, iPads and Android devices. In July 2011, The Relevancy Group conducted a survey of mobile marketers from top mobile brands to inquire about the challenges and opportunities present in mobile marketing today.

Live Webinar Date: October 6, 2011
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Future of Mobile Marketing is Contextual Relevance: Exploring Mobile Local Search

What are the opportunities for marketers? How are brands connecting with consumers?

The future of mobile marketing depends on taking advantage of context. In this webinar Poynt will explain what it means to launch contextually relevant mobile campaigns. Poynt will discuss how brands and marketers can use context to connect directly with consumers and provide specific examples on how these campaigns can generate higher than industry average results.

Live Webinar Date: September 28, 2011
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Privacy Fundamentals for Mobile—What You Need to Know To Successfully Navigate the Landscape

Join leaders of the MMA, TRUSTe, and the Future of Privacy Forum to learn how you can navigate the legal and policy challenges facing the mobile advertising ecosysytem.

Live Webinar Date: September 22, 2011
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Engaging Consumers with Rich Media for Mobile

In this webinar, you'll experience top-performing Celtra powered rich media ad campaigns and get a first look at how leading brands are reaching consumers in the complex mobile world by providing a rich full screen and an interactive brand experience. If you are interested in a detailed view into the strategy and process of creating compelling rich media mobile ads for mobile, don't miss this webinar.

Live Webinar Date: September 8, 2011
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Ensuring Relevant Consumer Engagement in Canada & Beyond - How Open APIs are Changing the Mobile Marketing Landscape

The mobile landscape is changing. Today, Canada supports over 25.3 million mobile connections; a number that is expected to reach 28 million by 2012 (IEMR 2011). Mobile carriers, like Rogers Communications, are starting to expose network data via mobile cloud services in order to enable rich, relevant and targeted engagements with consumers.

At this webinar, you'll learn how to tap into location, device type, data plan, subscriber profile, billing and related value added carrier services. These services are made available through standard application interfaces to streamline mobile solution development.

Join Neustar and Rogers and gain an understanding of how the latest industry innovations of mobile cloud computing and access to carrier APIs can drive these relevant consumer engagements.

Live Webinar Date: August 25, 2011
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Make Marketing Campaigns Shine with 2D Barcodes

You see them everywhere – magazines, signage…even packaging. How do you launch a successful 2D barcode campaign, and what do consumers think? Key takeaways will include:

  • How and when to use 2D barcodes in campaigns
  • How 2D barcodes boost engagement and measure success
  • Examples of successful 2D barcode campaigns
  • Best practices for successful 2D barcode implementation

This webinar will help you enhance your marketing strategy and engage consumers with compelling advertising content.

Live Webinar Date: July 14, 2011
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