MMA Free Webinar Series

Tuesday, February 10, 2015 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm EST

Closing the Gap Between Mobile Consumption and Ad Spend

According to eMarketer, only 40% of US advertising decision-makers say they are taking money out of their print advertising budget to allocate to mobile. And yet, nearly 85% of audiences consume media on their tablets and smartphones, in addition to their television, according to a Tapad study. It’s clear: mobile has officially captured a majority of traffic away from desktops. Companies looking to win "the screen wars" must focus more time, attention and dollars on mobile; it is the next big opportunity for reaching consumers where they spend most of their time.

Yet, mobile investment and ad spend are growing fast, but not rapidly enough to keep pace with increasing usage; in fact, mobile represents only about 10 percent of all media ad spending.

Join us for a Webinar that will focus on the challenge marketers face as they look to allocate budgets across media and platforms. Julie Baker, Quaero’s head of Digital Media will:

  • Identify obstacles to mobile investment;
  • Discuss the importance of the mobile experience, and;
  • Share case studies of companies who are winning with mobile

Leo Scullin, Global Industry Initiatives, Mobile Marketing Association



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