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Tuesday, August 12, 2014 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm EDT

Completing the Attribution Model with Mobile Location Based Technologies

As consumers, we are bombarded with emails and direct mail; we are constantly targeted with ads online and via mobile. With so many factors influencing us, how can a brand know which specific touch point motivated a shopper like me to head into their store and buy a brand new, 52 inch TV? How did my journey to purchase start, and how long had I been planning my purchase? Should the sale be attributed to the store itself or was it really the result of the banner ad that popped up the morning I made my purchase?
We know that 92% of purchases take place offline following some online consumer activity, yet establishing a proven connection between these behaviors has puzzled marketers since the inception of digital marketing. The advent of new technologies that can provide context to purchases in real-time is helping to solve this billion dollar dilemma, providing information that will change how we view the path to purchase. Join us to discuss the fascinating implications of new mobile location based technologies on the pervasive issue of attribution.
This webinar will cover:
  • How location based solutions can succeed in completing the attribution model
  • Pros, cons, and use cases for the main mobile location based technologies on the market today
  • A look at the future in a world where online and offline worlds collide

Leo Scullin, Global Industry Initiatives, Mobile Marketing Association


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Thursday, August 14, 2014 - 1:00pm to 2:00pm EDT

Empower Customer Engagement with Mobile Context

For companies that are successfully monetizing their mobile investment, mobile context is proving itself to be the “not-so-little” big data that’s making all the difference. Mobile context is the insight into consumer information, behavior and location that brands can leverage to optimize customer engagement through hyper-personalization that drives increased brand loyalty and revenue. That’s why the contextual mobile marketing opportunity is being valued at as much as $44 billion.

Join this webinar to understand how companies today are using mobile context to drive deeper customer engagement and loyalty, mitigate risk and fraudulent activity, optimize mobile marketing ROI and deliver the best possible customer experience.

Mobile context experts will be on hand to answer your questions around:

  • How best to employ mobile context to benefit your business
  • How to ensure your customers opt-in to share their mobile contextual information
  • How to leverage mobile context to enhance and optimize current mobile investments
  • Best practice industry use cases for mobile context

Register today to receive a free copy of a recent research report by Syniverse and consulting firm Strategic Economic Engineering Corp. that uncovered a market value of as much as $44 billion for mobile context.

Leo Scullin, Global Industry Initiatives, Mobile Marketing Association


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