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Client: Televisa  
Product: "Login"
Category: Entertainment, Media, Sports
Agency: Televisa
Country: Mexico
Award Entry Year: 2016


Campaign Summary

As in many countries, 74 percent of Internet users in Mexico have a smartphone and 68 percent of users connect through them to the Internet. Logout, which Televisa launched in 2015, was the first fully interactive TV series in Mexico and Latin America that sought to capitalize on this trend so viewers could see – and interact with – a story or TV program. It was designed, written and performed from the outset to integrate with an app and expand the audience experience. Using automatic content recognition (ACR) technology, fans could access interactive and organic content in real time from TV on their mobiles, within a second-screen experience. Logout exceeded expectations, achieving 100 percent more downloads than projected; around 7,000 users had interacted with each chapter through the app and penetration on social networks notched positive results with very good reviews among critics and general audiences alike.

In 2016, Televisa decided to launch a sequel, Login, with the objective of taking viewer interactivity via the app a step further, with a new story, new characters and an updated app interface with more features designed to make the experience even more interactive.


Objective and Context

TV audiences have been changing the way they consume content; second-screen functionality has become essential as the viewer is watching television, and 51 percent of users interact with their mobile devices while watching TV. That’s why Televisa bet on this project rather than compete with the trend, taking advantage of the momentum of adapting content from the original series to a mobile environment that grows daily.

With Mexico’s young audience being strongly digital, the network’s primary target for the project were men and women ages 16-24 years old. A secondary target were those ages 25-44 years, with a medium-to-high socioeconomic status in both segments, or enough to afford a smartphone.

Based on the experience gained the prior year with Logout, Televisa designed a holistic campaign focused on three fundamental pillars:

  1. Introduce the plot of the story.
  2. Promote the new features encouraging downloads of the app.
  3. Educate the audience on usage of this technology.


Creative Strategy

In a plot twist worthy of TV detective dramas, the team engaged viewers with a Matrix-style concept: “You’re trapped in the ‘Net.”  The rationale: There are places you should never enter, such as the mind of a serial murderer, who seeks revenge and chases the worst criminals of the deep web.

Offline and online campaigns to support the effort were divided into three phases to communicate the interactive experience:

Phase 1: Teaser spots focused on creating awareness and excitement, with only a general communication from the series itself.

Phase 2: A week before release, ads in different media noted the day and time of the series premiere, inviting viewers to “live the second-screen experience” and promoted mass downloading of the app.

Phase 3: Program maintenance focused on delivering content within the app through social networks.

The campaign was launched offline and online including promotion across Televisa’s broadcast and pay TV channels, along with space on regular programs and newscasts. An SEO campaign encouraged downloading of the app by talking about the series and its new way of “living the story” via technology within the app. The web page was a critical source of interactive content before the broadcast that helped educate the audience days before the series aired, containing links to download the app within different OS store environments.

To close the circle, a bumper entry at the beginning of each chapter within the series itself asked viewers to open the Login application; additionally, an onscreen “icon” was used to alert people that the scene they were watching used integrated technology and something was about to happen on their device within the app.

For this iteration of the app experience, the interactivity took a step forward with a simple design that focused on the new features:

  • Visitors could weigh in on the actions of some characters and story situations.
  • They could access views from 360-degree camera angles, so no detail went unnoticed and they could visually place themselves inside the screen.
  • Using codes, they could unlock a message from characters via a video call and answer questions.

The show integrated voice recognition technology that hadn’t previously been used by Televisa and created a more social experience with quizzes whose results could be shared on social networks. A Help Center was created with video tutorials, FAQs, and all the information necessary for the user to get the most out of the experience.



In the first week, the app archived 4,000 downloads, plus prior season downloads that reached 114,000 views on the Android and iOS platforms. Within the first chapter, Televisa had 1,813 active unique users that lived the new way of consuming content via a second-screen experience. By exceeding expectations, the campaign has allowed more Televisa producers to generate new, interactive projects.

Logout and Login both changed the paradigms of how to present content on different screens, delivering a new path for series entertainment to takes advantage of technology and viewer experiences in consuming content.



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