PPC: Builder's App



Client: Digital Solutions Group / PPC
Product: PPC Builders App
Category:  Manufacturing, Industrial Goods & Services
Agency:  Digital Solutions Group
Country:  South Africa
Award Entry Year: 2015


Campaign Summary

PPC is an established brand in the cement and aggregates sector, and has been active in the South African marketplace for over 100 years. It is an established company that has eagerly adopted new marketing channels to engage potential consumers across a variety of channels.

Due to the large portion of mobile users in Africa, and given PPC's expansion throughout the continent, it made sense for PPC to develop a mobile platform.

The strategic objective for the PPC Builder's Mobile Application was to increase the time users engage with the PPC brand as well as to provide useful information to users by giving them quick and easy access to its cement calculators. The marketing strategy was to create an omni-channel approach to enable users to interact with the brand across various digital platforms.

The intended target audience was the DIY and small contractor, who would benefit from both cement calculators and project-center functionality.


Objective and Context

Cement and aggregate manufacturers in South Africa are increasingly under pressure due to cheaper imports and increased competition from overseas markets. So PPC's objective was to build a practical, PPC-branded mobile application that was easy to use, extended the time that users interacted with the brand, and converted users into buyers.

The design was based on the PPC corporate identity, and needed to be easily recognisable to users. Since PPC is an established brand within the building and construction industry, it was imperative that the look and feel was consistent.

Over the course of the app's development, vast improvements were made to the user interface to better the user experience, with special attention to the project center, calculators and its weather functionality. The original media strategy was to push the app via radio, PR, print and web, but the most recent iteration relied on word-of-mouth.

This mobile application remains the only mobile app by a cement supplier for a small builder in Southern Africa. By creating an easily accessible mobile application to help builders better understand cement products and quantities, PPC has affirmed itself within the market as both innovative and modern.


Creative Strategy

PPC utilized enabling technology to engage with a newer generation of builders, DIY enthusiasts, and the construction industry as a whole. The mobile application was integrated into every aspect of the PPC marketing strategy from 2013 and for the duration of the campaign. The mobile application is supported and pushed via social, PR, web and live industry events. At the many exhibitions it attends and sponsors, PPC uses interactive displays to showcase its mobile application. For this campaign, 7-10 percent of the overall budget was allocated to mobile.

The mobile application was built with the target audience in mind: Information and support was first and foremost. Agency Digital Solutions Group and PPC incorporated useful features with incredibly accurate calculators, push notifications, geo-location services -- to find a nearest PPC store -- a continually updated knowledge center, and "click to call" customer support. The easy-to-use mobile application brings a database of knowledge to the target group at the touch of a button, from anywhere in South Africa.



PPC is the only cement manufacturer with an app in the marketplace. Considering the traditional nature of this market, the campaign was incredibly innovative and forward thinking. The app's most used function is its calculators. Easy to use and reliable, they have received good reviews.

The Builder's app was downloaded 27,692 times. Most downloads relied on word-of-mouth and organic traffic, since there were no paid media initiatives for this campaign. The number of downloads per month has remained steady.













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