Efes Pilsen: Music Is Under the Cap



Client: Efes Pilsen
Product:  Music Is Under This Cap
Category: Alcohol & Tobacco
Agency: Neodigital
Country: Turkey
Award Entry Year:  2016


Campaign Summary 

While Efes Pilsen is a very well-known beer brand in Turkey, marketing for alcoholic spirits is strictly regulated in that country and much of the Middle East.  The client made a strategic decision for its communications strategy and decided to create a new brand called “Müzik Bu Kapağın Altında" - literally “the one with music under its cap” and used it instead of Efes Pilsen. It was a new and bold statement for Efes to reach and engage with users, per its objective to increase brand awareness and create an emotional link with fans.

The brand itself -- with the name “Müzik Bu Kapağın Altında” -- is a huge commitment to consumers that pledged “music is under this cap.”  So, the main objective was to attend to consumers any moment they wanted to listen to, or discover, music. 


Objective and Context

Generally, the target audience was music lovers in Turkey.  In keeping with the brand promise, the agency team came up with the idea of creating a music platform that would provide a huge range of music genres and song alternatives that would be easy to use and accessible from all devices. With Shazam already established as one of the most preferred music platforms, both in Turkey and globally, it became the natural partner for the program.

The most frequently visited area of Shazam’s platform was the “Listening” homescreen where users can search for or identify music that is playing nearby.  So in collaboration with Shazam, the brand “took over” the screen and inserted the Müzik logo along with a little animation. Users could see the connection when their interest was at its peak. With this integration, fans could find the music they wanted and the brand was part of “every musical moment” of its consumers.


Creative Strategy

For  the client, the main objective was to be present where and when its fans were interested in music, regardless of artist or genre. Also, the reach of the campaign became a performance indicator compared with previous efforts. The innovative integration was the only media execution for the brand during the summer period when people often go outside and listen to live music at concerts and festivals.  It was a unique experience for users to see this bold expression while interacting with music -- and mobile, with its ubiquity at such events, was the natural engine for the campaign.

Almost half of all population from every age group go online via their mobile in Turkey, and that active usage -- especially among younger audiences that Efes wanted to communicate with -- guided its future marketing plans.



Müzik Bu Kapağın Altında’s creative media usage saw great enthusiasm both in traditional and social media, reaching 4.5 million users who collectively turned in 10 million Shazam sessions. The campaign also won positive comments in media coverage. The unprecedented integration provided Shazam with a new interactive ad space, giving other advertisers both locally and globally a new opportunity to market their brands.




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