Kellogg's: Breakfast Cabs



Client: Kellogg India Pvt. Ltd.
Product: Kellogg's breakfast products
Category: Food, Beverage, Tobacco
Agency: Mindshare West
Country: India
Award Entry Year: 2015

Campaign Summary

Kellogg’s, whose name is synonymous with “healthy breakfast” in India, had historically catered to the gatekeeper of households for communicating about its products. However, it wanted to build a brand connection with people who were on the move. Therefore, the goal of the campaign was to establish Kellogg’s as a strong endorser of healthy breakfast with the “Goodness of Grains” for this target audience.


Objective and Context

The target group was individuals skipping and skimping on breakfast between the ages of 25-44.

It was imperative to communicate the importance of a healthy breakfast to the right target at the moment of receptivity and also provide them with a breakfast option that could establish the communication goal of the campaign.

Syndicated research by Kellogg’s and Nirmala Niketan substantiated the following insights about the target group:

  • Indians are usually in a rush during morning hours to drop their kids at schools, reach their offices, or catch flights. While breakfast is on their minds, there is no time for it and it often gets skipped.
  • Three out of every four Indians actually skimp on breakfast and one out of every four actually skip their breakfast altogether.
  • The primary cause of missing breakfast is time constraints, followed by limited healthy, ready-to-eat breakfast options.

To address these issues, the agency and brand came up with the idea of “Breakfast Cabs,” with radio cabs and ubiquitous mobile phones becoming integral to the campaign strategy. The agency partnered with the most popular cab service, Meru Cabs, which were branded with the “Anaaj ka Nashta” (breakfast cereal) message. Upon booking a Meru cab, passengers were invited to choose a Kellogg’s breakfast kit provided to them by specially-trained Meru drivers.

Every morning, when travelers were on their way to the airport or work, at the breakfast-need moment, Mindshare delighted them with a Kellogg’s breakfast box complete with Muesli, milk, sugar, a bowl, spoon and napkin in the cab.


Creative Strategy

A plan was strategically crafted to reach out to consumers at the right place and at the right time using their mobile phones.

Geo-fencing-based targeting, through banners on prominent mobile portals, was executed in affluent areas and corporate parks that showed a high cab-service consumption. Wifi emitters programmed with the campaign banners were deployed at airport lounges and Starbucks stores located in and around corporate hubs.

The Breakfast Cab banner informed users of the convenient service at their fingertips that could be availed by simply touching the on-screen banner. The banner instantly dialed a dedicated customer service number on which a representative was available at all times to book a Breakfast Cab exclusively.



The first year saw the launch of the campaign in Mumbai. It was quickly followed up with the extension of the service to Delhi, Bangalore and Hyderabad. In the first year alone, about 125,000 consumers showed intent to hail breakfast cabs by clicking on the location-targeted banner. The campaign helped Mindshare serve 45,000 passengers with a Kellogg’s breakfast.

With “Anaaj Ka nashta” branding and the cab driver delivering the message, Mindshare communicated the nutrition credentials of Kellogg’s foods to its target. Travelers reached their destination feeling energetic and thereby realized the importance of breakfast. Consumer research revealed that 82 percent of passengers were extremely happy with the initiative and commended the unique approach, which resulted in strong recall and established a connection with the brand.



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