IMS/Smart Antenna

Campaign Summary

Adcentricity designed two devices, the Interactive Marketing Solution (IMS) and the Smart Antenna (SA), to help attract customers to deals found within Canadian convenience stores.

Strategy and Execution

Adcentricity created Interactive Marketing Solution (IMS) and Smart Antenna (SA) with three goals in mind: attract, transact, and measure. The IMS sent ads, in-store offers, and product information to users by leveraging the built-in Bluetooth capability of a user’s mobile device. Similarly, the SA utilized Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities on a mobile device. Both tools had the power to draw consumers into a retail space from up to 300 feet away by transmitting messages via an all-weather, long-range transceiver. The message requested permission to deliver an ad or coupon that was tied to the retail space, which encouraged the user to click “yes.”

The brand launched a trial campaign during the first week of 2012. IMS and SA were broadcast from a select number of Mac’s Milk and Couche-Tard convenience stores in the greater Toronto area. The brand also enlisted Canadian Olympic gold medalist Ashleigh McIvor to announce the arrival of these mobile broadcast devices.

IMS and SA complemented digital signage and could be incorporated into kiosks using Bluetooth. The brand also built loyalty programs for customers to receive customized information about products they purchased regularly. Both IMS and SA can measure mobile discoveries to obtain basic demographics and track users within a retail environment. Additionally, Adcentricity reported and compared campaign data from each unit in real time. This allowed the retailer to replace less effective ads and maximize location awareness.

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