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Marketing Growth

As 2023 quickly approaches, now is the time to ensure your marketing strategies are set up for maximum success throughout the entire year.  InMarket’s 2023 Digital Marketing Playbook contains 10 key marketing strategies to embrace in the new year in order to drive growth in the new year and beyond.

Access key marketing strategies including:

  • Lean Heavily On Value-Based Messaging
  • Embrace Geo-Contextual Advertising
  • Utilize Household Attribution
  • And More!

Don’t wait. Set your 2023 marketing up for success today.

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The State of CDO Benchmark Survey is a statistical consolidation of The Evolving Role of the Chief Digital Officer & CDO Perspectives 2022.

Key findings include:

CDO vision is tied to business performance

  • 68% think that their main task is to improve business performance, not just to disrupt and drive change.
  • Top line growth and margin efficiency are the by far their main measurable goals.

Although there is usually a mandate from CEO, overlaps with other C roles may exist

December, 2022
Education Section: 

To drive growth in the digital age, marketing needs to modernise a specific set of capabilities and mindsets.
But as complexity grows, marketers face increasingly difficult choices about where to allocate their investments; what objectives and tactics to choose; and what capabilities to develop in order to drive future growth.

This report – a collaboration between WARC and MMA APAC – examines how the industry is approaching these challenges, with a focus on current trends and future opportunities.

October, 2022
Education Section: 
2 min read

Author Roy T. Bennett once said: “It’s only after you’ve stepped outside your comfort zone that you begin to change, grow, and transform.” Now, I don’t think Mr. Bennett was referring to marketers when he said this – I’m thinking this is more of a general, overall human declaration but it is absolutely applicable to marketers in the context of growth.

Steve Olenski