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Data Doesn’t Lie, But Your Marketing Metrics Can Mislead You

Over the past two decades, Analytic Partners has collected a vast quantity of marketing intelligence across industries and countries. This intelligence lives and breathes in ROI Genome. ROI Genome has been an evolving endeavor that goes beyond traditional “you are here” benchmarking to understand and quantify the drivers of ROI and performance at a fundamental level to establish principles and truths for success.

In our latest Flash Report, we explain how holistic measurement in the form of Commercial Analytics can help capture the true impact of marketing on sales and ROI, and better inform your spend strategy. 

As a marketing leader, you know that accurate marketing metrics are essential for making informed decisions. However, siloed metrics like return on ad spend (ROAS) can be misleading, causing brands to lose up to 35 cents for every $1 spent on marketing optimization. To assist you in overcoming this challenge, we've crafted a report, which explores the limitations of siloed metrics.

Within this report you'll discover:

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