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Quaero's Best Practices for Online Registration

Most companies today have a wealth of customer information potentially available to them and as a result, know who purchased what and when, and how much they spent. They have page view data, minutes spent on site, videos viewed, and the devices they used to visit.

Given that there is so much information available, why should you worry about getting visitors to register on your web site?  The answer is simple: Because you can make more money by registering users.

Download this informative white paper to learn more about best practices in online registration – across devices – to grow customer engagement, improve the customer experience, and deliver greater customer value.


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When you think about mobile, what are some of the things that come to mind? Fast, personal, ready, fun and connected are a few terms that come up. People think about mobile much differently than they do personal computers. How many times has someone almost bumped into you on the street as a result of their eyes being fixed on the screen in their hands? This is a familiar interaction in today’s device-obsessed contemporary culture.