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Inneractive Integrates AdTruth to Help Publishers Monetise

April 10, 2013

nneractive, a premium supply side platform, is using AdTruth's device recognition technology to help publishers improve in-app ad targeting and increase investment in mobile marketing.

Inneractive already automates the app impression sales process in more than 200 countries. Being able to more accurately recognise and reach unique users will enable app developers to better price mobile inventory, leading to higher eCPMs and greater ROI for advertisers. The partnership will also mean Inneractive can offer publishers the opportunity to sell re-targeted, segmented audiences.

“Our number one goal is to provide our premium publishers and partners with the most comprehensive set of monetisation tools and verticals,” said Offer Yehudai, president and co-founder of Inneractive. “AdTruth’s approach offers a high-performance universal identification layer in mobile that helps recognize previously unseen audiences and build strong targeting capabilities, providing high quality inventory at scale."

AdTruth uses '100 or 200' different data points – but 'nothing contextual'  – to identify users, which it says means it can protect the privacy of smartphone owners.

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