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Human Demand Partners with AdTruth to Enhance Mobile Audience Targeting

May 22, 2013


Human Demand Partners with AdTruth to Enhance Mobile Audience Targeting

Mobile Device recognition to be offered at scale to clients

AdTruth, the global leader in securing digital relationships, today announced a partneship with Human Demand, a next-generation mobile demand side platform (DSP) and data management platform (DMP). Human Demand will use AdTruth’s patented device recognition technology to improve the process of buying and re-targeting segmented audiences at scale, across use cases and with full respect for consumer privacy. This partnership further demonstrates AdTruth’s role as a universal device recognition technology across the entire digital advertising ecosystem to enable improved mobile marketing.

Human Demand provides real-time access to more than 40 billion mobile impressions monthly on smartphones and tablets and will use AdTruth’s universal device recognition technology to build and sell mobile audience segments at scale. This capability has previously not been available on mobile, since traditional tracking approaches like 3rd party cookies are not widely supported in mobile. The rise of programmatic marketplace demands the ability to provide highly targeted audience segments and accurately price inventory.

“Our goal is to make mobile media buying highly effective,” said Howie Schwartz, founder and CEO of Human Demand. “Part of that is making the process simple, understandable and transparent. Another part is making the process as effective as possible and that’s where AdTruth is helping. Our clients want to be able to recognize reach, and re-target their customers and prospects across mobile channels and AdTruth makes that possible at scale, with the needed velocity while adhering to the concepts of privacy by design.”

“Our relationship with Human Demand is another example of AdTruth’s value across the entire mobile ecosystem,” said James Lamberti, general manager and vice president of AdTruth. “Using our probabilistic universal device recognition technology, Human Demand clients are able to recognize and reach their customers with the right advertisements on mobile devices in real time. For mobile to reach its full potential this functionality is critical and it is something we make possible today.”

About AdTruth, a division of 41st Parameter
In a world where people are increasingly reliant on a variety of Internet-connected devices for everyday life, creating relevant customer experiences and preventing online fraud are constant and complex business challenges. 41st Parameter, the global leader in device recognition and intelligence, combines its patented technologies and years of expertise to identify devices without cookies, without compromising privacy and without impacting performance.

AdTruth, the company's digital media division, gives marketers a new and better way to recognize and reach their most valuable audiences across all types of devices. These privacy compliant solutions help keep the Internet more secure and relevant for everyone.

About Human Demand
Human Demand Inc. is a next-generation Mobile DSP+DMP (Demand Side Platform + Data Management Platform) providing real-time access to 40 Billion+ impressions a month across smartphones and tablets. Integrated with the top exchanges for Mobile RTB, Rich Media, and Mobile Pre-roll inventory, the company puts the “human being” in the driver’s seat by offering true transparency for the first time. The company has managed more than 300 mobile ad campaigns with a focus on Hyperlocal, Brand Safety, Mobile Audience Buying and 3rd Party Data partners at scale. To learn more about Human Demand to start a campaign today, go to

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