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Tuesday, November 9, 2021


The Future of the Visual Economy: Creativity as Currency

12:05PM-12:30PM ET

Visual communication is the essential currency of how we tell stories, the products and services we sell and how we forge relationships with our customers and partners. Brands need to be effective visual communicators to stand out from the crowd, and need the skills and tools to do so. Join experienced design and branding leader, Andrew Johnnstone, Creative Industries Lead of Canva, as he explores the future of the visual economy and how brands can effectively communicate.

Andrew Johnstone, Creative Industries Lead, Canva
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Future Proof your Video Spend by Getting in the Game

12:40PM-1:10PM ET

Linear TV ratings are declining, and not all of CTV is ad supported. Where else can brands go to find quality video inventory? Games are one of the best kept secrets in the media business, with huge scale and high-quality video inventory. In this panel discussion, attendees will learn how and when to use the different types of video in-game, the advantages to in-game video vs. other forms of digital video and how to future proof their video spend by incorporating best practices.

Paul Mascali, Head of Esports and Gaming, PepsiCo
Gabrielle Heyman, Head of Global Ad Sales, Zynga


Vassilis Bakopoulos, SVP – Head of Industry Research, MMA
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Get Creative With AI: Find a Path Forward through Industry Disruption

1:33PM-1:55PM ET

Over the past ten years, our industry has favored clicks and downloads over-delivering messages of value. But now, everything is changing. As our industry looks for alternative methods to reach consumers, pulls away from the ability to target like we used to, and builds solutions for a privacy-forward, foundational new way of operating, we can’t let creativity continue falling by the wayside. Join this session to learn how marketers can lean into advanced AI to win hearts and minds while also preparing for what’s next in digital marketing.

Grace Murphy, Head of Brand Strategy, The Weather Company
Brian Hull, Head of Global Creative Labs, The Weather Company
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Reinventing In-App Marketing with Mobile Stories: A Success Story by Domino's Pizza

1:55PM-2:17 PM ET
Irem Isik, Director of Operations, Storyly
Beril Savuri, Digital Product Manager, Domino’s
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Wednesday, November 10, 2021


The Creative Effectiveness Formula – Turning Risk Into Results

12:05PM-12:30PM ET

When creativity is effective and effective work is creative, it can make a huge impact on business, brands and even the world. However, driving effectiveness as well as innovation can seem risky, as innovation at its core is new and unpredictable. So, what should marketers who want to both innovate and drive creative effectiveness do? In this session, Suzanne Powers, Global President & Global Chief Strategy Officer at McCann Worldgroup will share how brands can take the relationship between effectiveness and creativity and use it to lead different areas of thoughts, innovation, and earn their way into the cultural conversation.


Suzanne Powers, Global President & Global Chief Strategy Officer, McCann Worldgroup
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Authenticity Through Creativity

12:40PM-1:05 PM ET

Brands that want to change the hearts and minds of consumers must connect with audiences authentically - something that requires more than a standard :30 spot. In order to make these connections in a hyper-competitive environment, brands need to think creatively in addition to understanding their customer. Join Twitch as we delve into how brands can connect with audiences through creative executions, as well as walk through examples of brands that have excelled in this area.

Adam Harris , Global Head, Brand Partnership Studio, Twitch
SurfNBoy, Twitch Creator,
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Best of 2021 SMARTIES

1:30PM-1:55 PM ET

Featuring modern marketing campaigns from SMARTIES X and North America that are pioneering marketing transformations, this session will feature case studies from brands that exemplifies what a SMARTIES winner is all about: innovative, creative and impactful. You’ll hear from two SMARTIES short listed finalists as they quickly guide attendees through their campaigns and results. 


Lyle Yetman, Group Creative Director, McKinney
Jeff Klein, Chief Marketing Officer, Little Caesars
Andrea Brimmer, Chief Marketing and Public Relations Officer, Ally Financial
Mariana Dimitrova, Managing Partner, Executive Director, MediaCom
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