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MMA SM2 Innovation Summit

MMA SM2 Innovation Summit: The Future is Now. And It’s Mobile.

Personal and tactile, at once mass-targeted and intimate, mobile is revolutionizing business and marketing, creating new industries and developing unprecedented brand engagement and loyalty. Inextricably woven into the buying journey and consumer lifecycle, mobile creates the most direct and closest connection brands can have with their customers. For marketers, mobile is a must. This is the Mobile Imperative.

Curated by senior brand marketers, the MMA SM2 Innovation Summit is the place to up the ante, get a glimpse into the future and embrace the Mobile Imperative. Brand marketers must leverage mobile to build new brand experiences and achieve unprecedented consumer engagement or risk being left behind. Fortunately, with connected devices and the latest mobile-enabled technologies (IoT, augmented and virtual realities, artificial intelligence and 360 video), the opportunities are endless. Every year, the Summit is both a source of inspiration and a place for exploration.

Once again, we will roll out the most impressive agenda and list of speakers to take the stage during Advertising Week. Check out highlights from last year’s sold-out Summit, where AOL’s Tim Armstrong and innovators from General Motors, Pandora, Lenovo and Bacardi took the stage.

Prepare to master mobile. Expect exceptional networking and use studies from global visionaries. Experience how industry innovators are disrupting their industries with bold moves that paid off big.

Join us in NYC on September 25-26 at Industria for a game-changing two-day event where you’ll learn everything you need to create incredible new brand experiences and redefine what’s possible in the world of mobile and marketing.

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