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Brian Seth Hurst

Brian Seth Hurst
Co-Founder, Chief Storyteller
StoryTech Immersive

With innovation in his DNA, it was no surprise that Brian Seth Hurst would emerge as a leading innovator, thought leader and producer in the burgeoning field of Virtual Reality and Immersive Storytelling. Under his leadership, StoryTech Immersive works with television networks, production companies, brands and content creators to educate, strategize, package for, produce and distribute high quality VR.  The company’s model includes embedding high caliber independent VR filmmakers in existing production teams in television and film thereby rapidly onboarding capabilities. 

Most recently he is producer of  “My Brother’s Keeper,” a cinematic VR narrative for PBS inspired by the PBS Civil War Drama, “Mercy Street,” which premiered on HTC at Sundance 2017 and is the most widely distributed VR film to date.  During election season he served as a producer on Showtime’s “The Circus 360 Experience,” companion piece to the networks “The Circus- Inside the Greatest Political Show on Earth.”

StoryTech Immersive serves a growing client base in VR which has included Marriott, PBS, Showtime, Freeform Digital, IKEA, NAB and more; and maintains one of the most dialed-in VR networks including technology companies such as Jaunt and Next VR, post production software such as Liquid Cinema, Immersive Dome experiences (Vortex Immersive) 3D/4D Dark Rides and themed entertainment (Super 78), distributors (HTC Viveport, Jaunt, Littlstar, Oculus, Samsung), and VR Film Festivals such as Kaleidoscope and The Virtual Reality Film Festival.