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MMA Germany Berlin Meet-up

Engaging audiences at scale requires timely, accurate and contextually aware data. Above all, it requires consumer consent. As such, it demands marketers demonstrate their respect for personal privacy to deliver advertising that is personal, relevant and—above all—appropriate.


It can be a difficult balancing act, which is why MMA Germany is hosting "New ways of Brand Performance in Games, Esports & Music", an invite-only event that offers a select group of businesses and brands the unique opportunity to listen and learn about the big trends of SONY MUSIC, UPDAY and ADJUST for marketing campaigns.


Results, Resilience and Reinvention 

Getting your business ready to drive results today and build resilience for tomorrow.


Join us to share learnings and knowledge in an exclusive venue located in Sony Music's Berlin Office From this location, you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the beautiful city of Berlin and discuss strategies to add relevance and value to your marketing and advertising.

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