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Wednesday, July 19, 2023

12:00 AM – 1:30 PM

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1:30 PM – 1:40 PM

MMA welcome speech and Thank you to Partners

Country Director Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia & Board Member Vietnam
MMA Global - APAC
Country Manager of Vietnam
AnyMind Group

1:45 PM – 2:05 PM

Keynote Speech: The rise of eSOLs to drive Digital Commerce


In the fast-moving landscape of e-commerce and social commerce, Southeast Asia has undergone an explosive transformation, and this rapid expansion shows no signs of slowing down. As digital commerce flourishes, various players have emerged and are eagerly contributing to digital ecosystem: social sellers, affiliates, key opinion consumers (KOCs), content creators, and more, are leveraging their influence to drive the next generation of commere and its convergence with the power of influencers. Even enterprises are catching on to this rising trend. Although Vietnam may have a smaller market volume compared to its counterparts, the country is not exempt from this dynamic shift. More and more brands are beginning to witness and understand the immense potential of eSOLs. Now, the burning question is: where is Vietnam's e-commerce journey headed? And, more importantly, how far will it transcend being a mere trend?

The third evolution of influencer marketing heralds an age that converges with the rise of digital commerce. This evolution focuses on measurable business impact, where the latest in conversion tracking and online shoppability shape how digital personalities influence. As a result, eSOLs (e-Selling Opinion Leaders) have grown in importance - those with the proven ability to drive sales through their valuable insights, authentic content and spending saviness

Country Manager of Vietnam
AnyMind Group

2:10 PM – 2:45 PM

Case Study 1: How Starbucks Coffee At Home Leveraged on eSOLs

Starbucks wanted to launch its premium instant coffee, Starbucks at Home, in Vietnam targeting the premium Gen Z and Millennial segment, with the purpose of home consumption and gifting. In order to drive awareness and sales, we needed a matching eSOL strategy as well as inspiring creatives mapped to the eSOL's personality. We co-created a unique incentive offer and collaborated with the relevant eSOL vertical, and drove the campaign through social content and livestreaming across platforms such as Facebook. We also created an exclusive AnyShop store for Starbucks at Home which was integrated with full tracking and reporting ability by leveraging on the AnyX and AnyTag platforms to generate and track significant sales for the brand.

Head of Strategy & Business Consulting
AnyMind Group
Senior Manager, Product Development
AnyMind Group

2:50 PM – 3:05 PM

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3:10 PM – 3:45 PM

Case Study 2: How Samsung Maximized eSOLs for Live-Commerce

Electronics and technology has shown a tremendous traction on e-commerce but with a high cart-abandonment ratio. For a premium brand like Samsung, TikTok Shop was the strategic platform that offers a full-funnel and seamless single-window brand-to-product-to-sales experience in the most effective way. With platforms' ability to deeply decode audience insights, we were able to identify the most resonating eSOL tiers, categories, live-stream as a format and exclusive incentives offered. Additionally with integration capabilities from AnyMind platforms like AnyTag and AnyX, Samsung was able to tap on comprehensive data tracking and optimization in every campaign,and was able to achieve astounding ROAS in every campaign.

Head of Strategy & Business Consulting
AnyMind Group
Head of Channel Partnership

3:50 PM – 4:25 PM

Case Study 3: How eSOLs played a leading role in market entry strategy: HAYE - Korean Beauty & Cosmetics

Beauty and cosmetics rank among the top consumable products in the Vietnamese eCommerce market, enticing numerous international brands to venture into the market. With increased user demand and expedited purchasing funnels facilitated by eWOM, a new set of opportunities are now available for brands that are looking to enter the market. This inludes developing strategies and plans to tap on and maximize a comprehensive digital commerce ecosystem through eSOLs and a full-stack tracking platform.

Director/Arocell exclusive distributor in Southeast Asia market
HAYE Beauty & Cosmetics
Head of Media and E-commerce Enablement, Vietnam
AnyMind Group

4:30 PM – 5:15 PM

Panel Discussion: The 3rd Evolution of Influencer Marketing: Where To Start?

Digital commerce has become an increasingly important part of Vietnam Digital Economy, and influencers are playing an important role in shaping the way consumers experience social content and shop online. But where and how to start? Come and join the panel discussion to hear from some of the most influential voices in the digital commerce space, who will be sharing their insights and experiences with us. Throughout this session, we will be discussing a range of topics related to digital commerce, including the latest trends in influencer marketing, the challenges and opportunities of working in the digital space, and the future of digital commerce in the Vietnam market.


Country Manager of Vietnam
AnyMind Group
Senior Professional - Influencer Marketing & Event Manager
Samsung Electronics Vietnam
Country Director
DKT International in Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos
Content Creator/Influencer
Inca Lead Vietnam

5:15 PM – 5:30 PM


Country Director Vietnam, Myanmar and Cambodia & Board Member Vietnam
MMA Global - APAC

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