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Alok Bhute

Alok Bhute
Head of Strategy & Business Consulting
AnyMind Group

Alok has enjoyed a diverse career spanning 14 years, exploring education, advertising, and entrepreneurship across vibrant markets like India, Bangladesh, Vietnam, and the SEA region. With a background in engineering, complemented by a MBA and advertising degree, he's been honored in platforms such as Appies, AMES, MMA (Smarties), and has found himself on Warc and Effies shortlists. Alok's journey has seen him contribute to esteemed names like Bates CHI & VMLY&R in India, and Leo Burnett & Dentsu in Vietnam, showcasing his strategic acumen.

Transitioning from a lecturer, entrepreneur to a marketing professional, his path underscores adaptability and cultural sensitivity, enriching his current role as a brand strategist and a business consultant at AnyMind Group Vietnam. Alok's story humbly reflects the importance of embracing change and drawing wisdom from diverse cultural and creative experiences in today's fast-evolving world.