Maja Mikielska | MMA
Maja Mikielska
Digital Manager Heineken® Global

I am a marketer and an adventure junkie. Entrepreneurship is in my DNA, which invariably means that I'm always in for a good challenge and thrive in fast pace environments. Although I've lived and worked in 6 countries in the past, I've gravitated to Amsterdam where the mercurial weather and directness of the natives is just too attractive for me to depart just yet;) I'm lucky to work for one of the coolest and most progressive brands out there - Heineken® as a Digital Manager, creating global campaigns with the brightest and the best marketing minds in the industry on a daily basis. Whenever I feel like the life energy is sucked out of me, I'll go on a date with my dog to run or walk on the beach. Whatever happens:  Cherish yesterday, dream tomorrow, live today!