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Beyond Viewability: Attention Time Drives Better Brand Outcomes for Mobile Ads

Adtech Innovator Launches First Digital Advertising Platform Based on Attention Time as a KPI

This report is about Turkey 2018 Mobile Ad Spending. 

May, 2019
Education Section: 

A while ago, global mobile marketing leaders met at a MMA (Mobile Marketing Association) conference in London. At this event major brand representatives, like Coca-Cola, Huawei, InMobi, Dominos and Samsung, spoke about how they have adapted to the mobile landscape. I will make a quick recap and shed some further light on the topics that were discussed.

Mobile is huge!

We love detecting Bluetooth beacons anywhere in the world. Detecting and classifying beacons creates a very distinct source of data from which we build mobile audience profiles. As mobile devices bump into known beacons, we understand an app audience's real-world behaviors and interests.

By Scott Rayden, 3Q Digital

Mobile advertising is poised to make or break 2015 goals for millions of companies over the next six to seven weeks.

As we head into the holiday season, I posed a few critical questions to two of the brightest minds I know in mobile: Hathway CSMO Kevin Rice and 3Q Digital VP of Mobile Strategy Craig Weinberg. (Disclosure: Mobile agency Hathway is a 3Q Digital partner, and 3Q Digital is my employer.)

If you’re looking for any edge you can get in your holiday mobile campaigns, these guys have answers.

3Q Digital Account Director Joe Kerschbaum and PPC entrepreneur Bryant Garvin discussed best practices for mobile PPC ad copy. Listen and learn!

The days of debating mobile’s potential are long gone. Mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic, and users aren’t just searching; they’re engaging with mobile ads, including eCommerce ads.

So now that we all agree on the potential, how do we use it? Specifically, how do we as marketers capitalize on all of that eCommerce traffic?

For a lot of retailers/ecommerce brands, mobile is a struggle. As advertisers, intuition tells us that we should be spending there, but with much lower conversion rates and climbing CPCs, it’s hard to justify ad spend without using sophisticated attribution proving the worth of mobile.

What we do know about mobile is that searchers use it to window shop, often clicking through to the mobile site, spending some time browsing and shopping around, and then leaving the page to shop around some more, possibly converting on desktop down the road.