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A Completely Different Beacon Case Study

November 9, 2015
Submitted by Reveal Mobile

We love detecting Bluetooth beacons anywhere in the world. Detecting and classifying beacons creates a very distinct source of data from which we build mobile audience profiles. As mobile devices bump into known beacons, we understand an app audience's real-world behaviors and interests.

Sometimes, though, you find very interesting beacon data in your own backyard. Neighboring mobile company Stealz places beacons restaurants and retailers to alert their app users of nearby offers. Their audience then posts photos of themselves enjoying food, drinks, and camaraderie in exchange for discounts.  

Because we detect any beacon, we detect Stealz beacons. Although we're not integrated with the Stealz app, our tech sits inside hundreds of apps across the country. This gives us the ability to detect many more devices that "bump" into their beacons. 

In this completely different case study, we're not showing how beacons increase engagement, or how retailers & restaurants use them. Instead, we show never-before-seen data on the profile of retail mobile audiences in Raleigh, NC, where Stealz is based. Top locations visited, demographics, behaviors, and more.

A Completely Different Beacon Case Study