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As 2023 quickly approaches, now is the time to ensure your marketing strategies are set up for maximum success throughout the entire year.  InMarket’s 2023 Digital Marketing Playbook contains 10 key marketing strategies to embrace in the new year in order to drive growth in the new year and beyond.

Access key marketing strategies including:

  • Lean Heavily On Value-Based Messaging
  • Embrace Geo-Contextual Advertising
  • Utilize Household Attribution
  • And More!

Don’t wait. Set your 2023 marketing up for success today.

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There is a lot of confusion that exists about location data. Although the concept has been around for a while, the mobile advertising and marketing industries have a habit of making claims and conflating ideas so often that it becomes difficult to understand what is real, what is possible, and what is completely unfounded.

Gimbal's Definitive Guide to Location Data is a deep dive about how location technology works, the valuable data it generates, and where it can be applied.

MMA committee unveils lexicon to define mobile location practices and educate marketers on the methods available across data, measurement and technology

New York, NY, 25 September 2013 As mobile platforms advance, one of the most valuable components, location, has revolutionized marketing outreach. Slated to grow to a nine billion dollar industry in a matter of years, location offers an unprecedented advantage for marketers to connect with consumers at the right place and time.  

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