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Modern Marketers Guide to MarTech Maturity

The Modern Marketers Guide to MarTech Maturity is an initiative by the MMA India AMMP community represented by the MarTech council.

It's the only industry Playbook to showcase MarTech maturity across different organizations and sectors with complete guidance on choosing and utilizing MarTech stacks effectively.

What makes this MarTech Playbook unique:

  • Attempts to decode the changing transformation of marketing today and the increasing role played by Technology.
  • Showcases MarTech maturity frameworks.
  • Provides ways to assist marketers assess and select the right MarTech stacks.
  • Guidance on creating a data driven culture and getting the people ready.
  • Ensure an element of Governance to make sure the investments made in MarTech are effective and well utilized.

The Playbook was launched at the prestigious MMA Impact India’s 10th edition. To view the session, click here.

To read the online version of the “Modern Marketers Guide to MarTech Maturity” click here.

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