The Connected Consumer Q1 2023 Report | MMA Global

The Connected Consumer Q1 2023 Report

This report is a collaboration between MMA Global in Vietnam and Decision Lab to facilitate the industry with the latest consumers’ digital behaviors understanding. The study's primary objective is to examine the online habits of consumers, including their social media usage, entertainment consumption (music, movies, videos), communication methods, and shopping behavior. In the Q1 2023 edition, the report also tracks consumers' browser usage.

Three key highlights from this quarter’s report:

  1. TikTok’s dominance in the short videos category continued to be challenged in Q1 2023. Meanwhile, Reels and Shorts maintain a similar usage level from the previous quarter. Instagram, too, is getting more recognised as a platform for short videos.
  2. Despite TikTok’s slight drop in usage in Q1 2023, that of TikTok Shop rose fast. This signals the development of shoppertainment in Vietnam, where e-commerce activities occur on entertainment platforms.
  3. Usage and preference within the food delivery and e-wallet categories were concentrated on leading incumbents (Grab & MoMo). This poses challenges to other apps, especially Shopee, which saw declines in usage & preference across tracked categories.

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