Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.: Warner Bros. Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

Campaign Summary

Warner Bros. created an interactive trailer to promote its new movie Resident Evil: The Final Chapter to fans of the video game series by the same name. Users could interact with the video by swiping, tapping, and tilting the screen as they followed commands. Those who completed the commands successfully were given in-game prizes.


Objective and Context:

Warner Bros. wanted fans of the Resident Evil video game series to watch the trailer and become intrigued by the movie. Its challenge was that attention spans were short and gamers typically skipped videos so they could focus more on their games. The brand partnered with Gameloft to use its interactive video ad model for the first time in Turkey. Warner Bros. transformed the trailer into a game that let the users play interact with the video.

Target Audience:

The target audiences for this project were Resident Evil fans; action, science fiction, and thriller movie fans; and gamers. Resident Evil was known for its game series as well as its movies, so gamers were a valuable group for Warner Bros. to target for the online movie campaign.

Creative Strategy:

Gamers who came across the video as an ad could follow a set of commands within a limited time. By limiting the commands to rapid actions, users were encouraged to pay more attention to the video. Those who completed the commands successfully were given in-game prizes.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Ninety percent of the campaign budget went to mobile.

Mobile Execution:

Video ads are something gamers come across regularly, but turning a movie trailer into an interactive game that they could be a part of was something they had never experienced before online.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

This campaign had a 91 percent video completion rate and a 46 percent participation rate. In total, 533,760 commands were successfully followed. The video was placed in over 15 action games, and in-game rewards were given to users who reached the end. With this format, for the first time, Warner Bros. gamified a movie trailer to optimize user engagement.

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