Unilever Food Solutions Turkey: UFS Safe Hands

Campaign Summary

Unilever Food Solutions Turkey is a market leader, working with thousands of restaurants across the country. To ensure it was providing value for its target audience—chefs—the brand created training for their No. 1 concern at work: food safety. UFS’s online training platform was designed for busy chefs to learn about food safety when and where they wanted.


Objective and Context:

As the market leader of the out-of-home food sector, Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) prided itself on providing chefs the best products and services possible. To ensure it was maintaining a high level of quality, the brand conducted a survey in 2015 involving more than 400 chefs, asking them about their priorities in the kitchen. The survey revealed that “food safety” was the most important issue for chefs, and 80 percent of respondents wanted to be educated about food safety but did not know how and where to turn. UFS wanted to develop a food safety training program for chefs in Turkey, but there were two major barriers: with more than 200,000 points of operation throughout the country, it was impossible to send trainers to ever location. Also, it was difficult to get on chefs’ agendas without disturbing their fast-paced work environment. UFS needed to find a solution to easily reach chefs all around Turkey and simplify the process of completing the training program. The brand set an objective of driving 3,000 registrants to the training program in its first year.

Target Audience:

UFS’s main target audience was chefs of hotels, restaurants, and catering companies. They were mostly men between 30 and 50 years old. This group had long, irregular work schedules filled with responsibilities such as menu planning, budget, staff management and product control. Because of their busy schedule when it comes to marketing and advertising chefs have a short attention span and difficulty concentrating.

Creative Strategy:

To provide food safety education to all the chefs in Turkey, UFS had to find an easy way to reach the chefs and “enter” their kitchens. The media consumption habits of the chefs showed that an online platform was the most effective way to reach them. The platform allowed UFS to simply the complex food safety education process, allowing chefs to better understand the content through engaging online tools.


Overall Campaign Execution:

The UFS food safety training program was developed in partnership with the Food Safety Association, the only such organization in Turkey. The brand created five online training videos, five to six minutes long, and housed them on a digital hub. To register for each training, chefs needed to use passwords printed on the packaging of the brand’s top 10 products. Each password activated a new training video, and at the end of each video, the chefs were given a quiz to ensure they had understood and retained the lesson. After completing all five videos, the chefs were certified by the Food Safety Association. Traffic to the digital hub was driven through online display ads, on-packaging communications, and through business partnerships.

Mobile Execution:

UFS’s food safety training platform was developed in formats suitable for computers, smartphones and tablets so that chefs could easily access the digital hub from anywhere, at any time they wanted.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

In the first six months of the program, 5,488 chefs registered for training, nearly doubling the campaign’s one-year goal. The launch was so successful, UFS set a three-year objective to certify a total of 30,000 chefs.

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