Aquafina: Aquafina Smart Cap Water Reminder

Campaign Summary

Aquafina wanted to encourage Vietnamese consumers to drink more water. It enhanced its existing habit-changing solution, the “421” formula, by creating a smart cap. With a twist of the smart cap, consumers were reminded every hour to drink water. The campaign was promoted through influencers and a 360-degree video. The campaign reached more than 20 million consumers in Vietnam in two weeks.


Objective and Context:

More than 50 percent of Vietnamese realize they should drink water daily to maintain and improve health, but often don’t. Aquafina is the market leader for the water category in Vietnam. Since 2014 it has consistently increased product consumption by reminding consumers to maintain healthy hydration. To strengthen its market share and increase sales volume, Aquafina needed to uphold its consumption growth by reinventing itself and its communications.

Target Audience:

Aquafina targeted tech-savvy millennial consumers.

Creative Strategy:

Aquafina set out to enhance its existing habit-changing solution, the “421” formula: everyone should drink four bottles of Aquafina, or two liters, in one day. To encourage its target audience to follow the 421 formula, the brand reinvented its product to include a smart cap with water reminder technology.

Aquafina then outlined consumption occasions during which its targeted audience could fulfill the 421 formula without missing out on their life needs. It shared an interactive 360-degree video that demonstrated the consumption occasions across key digital platforms centered on smartphones.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Aquafina launched its campaign with a 360-degree interactive video promoting its 421 formula. The video highlighted the side effects of neglecting to consume water on a daily basis and provided viewers with facts about water intake. At the end of the video, viewers were encouraged to follow Aquafina’s 421 formula with the help of its 421 Smart Cap. With a simple twist of the cap, consumers set a reminder to drink water every hour.

The 360-degree video was amplified across Facebook and YouTube. All of the digital media budget was planned on mobile to create awareness about the campaign.

Mobile Execution:
Aquafina’s 360-degree video was launched on mobile social media channels, where users could fully experience the innovative storytelling that highlighted the impact which their habits had on their daily life. Key influencers were leveraged to engage with the targeted audience and talk about the video story on social platforms.

Aquafina promoted the video on high frequency and only targeted people on their smartphones. It also developed a method to continue the story and increase brand awareness through its “Drink Enough Water Now” initiative, which consisted of various GIFs, tips, and short videos that could be easily seen and engaged with on the mobile news feed.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

The campaign reached more than 20 million consumers in Vietnam in two weeks. Aquafina’s 360-degree video had eight million views, with 12 percent of users completing the full video. The company’s sales volume also increased by 25 percent from the previous year.

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