ASUSTeK Computer Inc.: ASUS ZenFone Zoom: Zoom to Wanda

Campaign Summary

Launching the ZenFone Zoom presented ASUS with an interesting challenge. The new smartphone had a unique optical zoom feature, but the premium price point was a deterrent to many. Tapping into the insight that Millennials love taking photos on their smartphones, ASUS showcased the power and benefits of the ZenFone Zoom phone through an interactive mobile gaming experience called "Zoom to Wanda."


Objective and Context:

To raise awareness for the new ASUS ZenFone Zoom, the brand demonstrated the power of the phone's zoom functionality with an interactive mobile mystery game.

Target Audience:

ASUS's target audience was Millennials with a hunger and sense for good photo composition. This group loves photography and is always on the lookout for the perfect shot, but they don't have a DSLR camera to get it.

Creative Strategy:

People love mysteries, and giving people a puzzle to solve can hook them like nothing else. Building off of this insight, ASUS created "Zoom to Wanda," an online mystery game that challenged users to search the world and track down a mysterious character called Wanda.


Overall Campaign Execution:

Zoom to Wanda was the third communications campaign for the ZenFone Zoom phone. ASUS had already launched a series of films with David Sandberg to capture a wide audience. Then the brand refined its target and used influencers to reach photography-focused food bloggers, fashion bloggers, and outdoor adventurer bloggers. The Zoom to Wanda campaign served as the final communication for the product launch and specifically sought to deliver the message of the product's functional zoom feature.

To create the game, ASUS captured panoramic images of Kyoto, Japan; Mumbai, India; and Vernazza, Italy. Next, it hid Wanda and over 200 Easter eggs — including ASUS logos, INTEL logos, and the ASUS mascot, Zenny — in the pictures, inviting people to explore each city and find Wanda with the new ZenFone Zoom user interface. This was accomplished via an interactive website experience that worked across all mobile devices. Through this site, the audience was able to discover a trail of clues left behind by the elusive Wanda while experiencing the zoom functionality on their own phones. A leaderboard tracked the best mystery solvers, and for those who were able to zoom to Wanda's final location, the brand gave them a reward by hiding their profile pictures in various locations around this interactive world.

Mobile Execution:

Using gigapixel technology and the user interface of the ZenFone Zoom, the brand was able to transform any device in the world into a ZenFone Zoom, demonstrating the incredible function of the phone in a fun and addictive way.

Results (including context, evaluation, and market impact)

Not only did ASUS secure a high number of players, these participants spent over 100 hours playing Zoom to Wanda. The reach was impressive, with video views exceeding 2 million views, social posts reached over 158.8 million people across the globe, and social engagements surpassing 3 million engagements.

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